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And they are full of nice people to and really nice places to live

Bloody expensive, though.

You missed Denmark !!

Not my meme… 😛

Nah, not all are. Especially now with the strong dollar. Sweden is actually quite cheap. Denmark isn’t too bad. Norway is expensive, for sure. Finland too.

I have been spending a lot of time in the Scandies the last few years. Not so much in the winter though. 😀

I stand to be corrected!

That process works for many Peoples.

Holes In The Foam,
I only just noticed the gun… Has the little Zygote got a Glock?

Australia is probably one of the most socialist… Kicking our asses too… Well maybe not so much anymore since the conservative government and Tony Abbott – Worst PM in Australian History came in, but still…. $21 minimum wage is not too shabby.

That’s right, the zygote’s not goin’ down without a fight! 😀

Probably one of the most ignorant post I’ve ever read.