“Someone Must Have Hurt You” (Dumb Things People Say to Atheists, Part 5)


It’s one of the most annoyingly patronizing things a Christian can suggest to an atheist: That we only left the faith because someone hurt or offended us. Sure, this phrase is often well-intended, but if you dig below the surface, it’s actually a little insulting – not to mention totally nonsensical.

Part 1: (“It Takes More Faith to be an Atheist”)

Part 2: (“You Have no Reason not to Rape”)

Part 3: (“You Just Want to Sin”)

Part 4: (“Who Are You to Question God?”)



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Prophet of Zod

Please be aware this is only going to run for a little over 9 minutes.  I know that feels short for a premiere, but these are still fun, so you can watch or not with fair warning.  You can feel free to leave feedback about what you think of this length premiere.

Also, please excuse my head for sticking up for several seconds when it wasn't supposed to be there (due to an editing error).  😀

Lisa For Truth

Hey, POZ! Great vid! Please go check out my channel and tell me what you think!

Adam Bartlett

While yes religions, religious people & the ongoing devotion to old scammers over existing loved ones hurt me… But no, god did not hurt me & the fact that others hurt me, never once effected whether I believed in something or not about the existence of anything supernatural.

Admittedly, when young & still brainwashed, I sort of believed & certainly I wanted there to be something; but honesty & self respect allowed me to recognize the truth & reality that was in front of my nose the entire time.



I love how you give words to the feeling I can get when things like that are said to me. And I definitely gonna use the example of the student and the caring teacher.

Andy LH

I believe in myself. I am my own god

Mimu Mi

– Someone Must Have Hurt You
– Yeah, you could say something like that. I wasted 8 years of my childhood learn quotations of the bible by heart and learning how the old temples were built and stupid stuff like that… But I'm doing better now, thank you.

Mr Ayala

Literally at first you were going to say you were an ex-JW but that is what they do when you leave or get disfellowshipped from the fold. Great vid.

The Mouse that Roared

A Christian friend kept claiming that athiests are all immoral people who do bad things. Every evil act is apparently committed by either an atheist or Christian posers. I rebutted that every pedophile that molested me and my siblings when we were kids were pillars of the community, Christians, not athiests. He then used my argument as "proof" that the only reason for my atheism was because I was hurt by "no true christians" and that I was just " very angry at god", nothing more! Ugh! Talk about moving the goal posts, invalidating me and switching the subject! He… Read more »


It's like blaming a heart attack on the person eating a steak one time. While, yes, the steak may have played some role in the heart attack, it's clearly a ridiculous oversimplification of the process. Similarly, bad behavior of a religious leader or group may have played a part in allowing a person to question their beliefs, it's highly unlikely to be the only or even main cause.

Diesel Jester

I'm still a Deist, but no longer a Christian.  Even so, I still get this from Christians out of some misguided hope to "Bring me back to Jesus" along with a lengthy apology on behalf of their fellow Christians for pushing me away.  Then, from the same people, when I explain my own, personal beliefs they then turn back on me and say "Well, that's not right" or "That's not the truth" or something along those lines. (Eyeroll).  And then they wonder why I stay away from Christianity.

Laura Jarrell

POZ, fantastic video. I loved the interesting Freudian slip! Love and Peace

Joe Mikey

I believe this is the only video you’ve made that I agree with you 100%!!! Somehow, I also believe in 20 to 30 years you’ll be Antony Flew 2.0 !!!!!

Jake Jackson

The most maddening ones are the ones who assume they also know what the specific trauma was, whether it makes sense or not. I've genuinely had family members bring up stuff I've been through in the past five years in this context when I've been openly atheistic for 15 years at this point.

Bradypus tridactylus

I’ve always gotten another vibe when people have told me this, but I think after watching your video that it may be an idiosyncratic reflection of my experience and personality rather than the motive of the person who alleged that I had been hurt. Maybe, because of intense emotional abuse as a child, the atheist has become so hurt and broken that he has lost the ability to feel the love of god. The hurt that divides him from the divine did not necessarily come from the fellowship of believers, but from the brokenness that comes from living in a… Read more »

Wellington Smith

same here, yes, I was emotionally abused by my church elders but that isn't why I'm an atheist.

I'm an atheist because there isn't any more evidence for God than there is for The Lochness Monster.

Doug Brown

This one always bothers me because it's so condescending and presumptuous. It's as if we really "know better" but our delicate little feelings got hurt somehow and we just aren't thinking clearly enough to decide anything for ourselves. This goes back to the idea many christians have that all of us – atheists included – really and truly believe in god but we just won't admit it to ourselves or we don't want to be under the authority of a being who won't let us sin as we apparently love to do. These christians are the wise ones who have… Read more »

Guitar dog

I left the faith because I eventually realized it was bullsh*t.

But my religious upbringing was very abusive. The church deacons endorsed the severe corporal punishment by my stepdad.
And the church leaders were always warning us kids about our sexual behavior. I must have been the only one who believed their lies about this. I still have problems as an adult from their indoctrination in regards to carnality.
Thanks god. I love you too (asshole)


You know, I was attacked by some people in a church I once attended because of a hidden disability I have that I revealed. It was bizarre. I left that church and joined another which was more accepting of who or what I am, but it took me about another 10 years to become an atheist, because I recognized that it didn't make sense anymore.

E.g., That experience with some ignorant people in a church had no more to do with my being an atheist than them painting the walls green!


Nicely put in words. I haven't gone through this myself but have seen it happen. I live in a place where only my close family knows that i'm an atheist. Some suspect but a small community it's hard to let this out so i just don't say anything. I've been living like this for over 50 years so i guess by now it's a habit. Thanks for your continued videos they help me see what is happening out there because living in the sticks is odd.


this series is really good

CMDR unematti

its SO GREAT not knowing how it feels when they tell you "someone must have hurt you"… oh europe…


Again, as I've said before. I've been an atheist, maybe not in name, but when I became one at about age 6. I have no coming out story, oh well. I dropped Santa and not long after that the idea of a god. God in so many ways didn't fit the reality that I saw around me. Also, when talking to adults I found that their ideas about the world were so damn off base I thought how the hell could I think that they knew anything about any god. Also, if nothing else, everyone of them had said things about their god… Read more »

Rory Tennes

Hey Zod, it's been a while. Glad to see you are still producing.
yeah I've heard all the typical patronizing comments from believers. Its amazing how perception causes people to missjudge you and your intentions. Why do people think they can read your mind and know your thoughts and intentions?


I'm actually not an atheist. I was born Catholic and was trained most of my youth as one. As time went by (when I was still a kid) more and more questions that the adults refused to answer kept popping up. This started a lifelong curiosity about religion and faith for me. The Prophet of Zod hits everything that I ever questioned right on the head. I live in the Bible Belt now so you can imagine I can have some pretty interesting back and forths with folks here about the claim that the Bible is a literal truth in… Read more »

Robert X

great answer to give to theists