Sounds to me like Nancy Pelosi will be ready to retire by then…


What Pelosi’s 4-year term limit deal means for House Democrats

Washington Post congressional reporter Mike DeBonis analyzes how Nancy Pelosi’s term-limit deal with a group of party rebels will impact the House Democratic Caucus.



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BOTTOM LINE: Pelosi can raise way more money than anyone else in the Democratic establishment – not even a distant second.

David miorgan

So let's dispence with the propaganda and get to the just of this cunning well thought out scheme! By term limiting the greediest party in history for staying in power until you literally fall out of your chair from old age, pelosi knows she at her present rate might not be even able to still talk in four years and this is to speed the chaos of unprepared lunatics to that position! And by not having a clear majority in the future they hope this will hamper republican speakers hold that position! Evil, pure evil, lobbied by Jewish interests!