State of Flux…


Since getting back to the states, then Panama, after my four-month long ‘sabbatical’ in Europe about a month ago, I have faltered. My ‘non-boat-related’ productivity has hit a grinding halt. I’ve gone from being highly focused and productive to sporadic and chaotic yet again. And I am not at all happy about it.

I can cite a lot of reasons for this happening. Ranging from boat issues both humanly and naturally caused, to just having to deal with the ramifications of being thrown back into the relatively dysfunctional environment that is Panama after being rather spoiled by first-world competence, punctuality, and efficiency. But in the end, the sole responsibility lies with me. I let myself get sucked in by various distractions and issues. And I’m just going to have to accept that they will always be there. I need to be able to trudge on despite them. 

In any case, now that what appears to be the worst is over, I am taking highly calculated steps towards becoming productive once again.

Let’s hope I can stick to the program.


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i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.