RWW: Xtian Crackpot Steve Quayle: ‘The Destruction Of 90 Percent Of Humanity’ Imminent – VIDEO


Last week, radio host Steve Quayle revealed to televangelist Jim Bakker the nefarious scheme by “the globalist elite” to exterminate “90 percent” of humanity through birth control, Ebola and the Zika virus.

Birth control, according to Quayle, is part of an attempt to emasculate men through the water supply, while Ebola and Zika are actually biological weapons that were unleashed in order to compel people to get vaccines that will further “the destruction of 90 percent of humanity”:



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its porn

RT @holesinthefoam: RWW: Xtian Crackpot Steve Quayle: ‘The … – #Atheism #ScamPreachers #XtianFreaks…

Where, in this case, Humanity = Christian Dogma. Can’t wait.