Steve Schmidt laments the Palin monster he helped create, & the state of the GOP – VIDEO


Former McCain Strategist SLAMS Sarah Palin and Her ‘Asininity’ on Obamacare! (VIDEO)

Posted by: AATTP in TEApublican Smack Downs, Videos September 24, 2013

In 2008, it was partly under guidance from political strategist Steve Schmidt that Senator John McCain tapped a little-known governor from Alaska to be his running-mate in that year’s presidential election. Maybe Schmidt thought she’d be the spark plug needed to combat the tidal wave of good vibes behind then candidate Obama’s campaign. Maybe he thought she really was a diamond in the rough. But for whatever reasons he had back then, clearly the decision to unleash Sarah Palin on a national stage is something Schmidt deeply regrets — because he said as much on “Hardball” the other night, as well has having a few other choice words for Palin and her ilk.

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