“Steve Shives is irrelevant!” – VIDEO


Enjoy, nothing else to say. Steve Shives is irrelevant!
Dave Rubin’s speech @ Reason Rally:

Live show with Dave Rubin:

**NOTE** This video is protected under the “Fair Use Act” Section 107. All content used is for criticism, comment & news reporting



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Astral Cowboy

That interaction with his partner explains it all (love those awkward, little fake smiles he does to).

Eve Pigzy

I'm not sure why. But I get this feeling that he knows hes wrong. But he is in too deep, and will loose to many friends and his wife if he admits it. So he has to try and convince himself that social justice is right.

Armon Pennick

Hi Livelife I wish I could give this video two thumbs up. Good show oldboy keep up this truth.


Insecure people wear hats all the time.

HMS Daedalus

I'm sorry Joe, but from where I stand, there's not much difference between you and Steve.
Steve loves the dragon dildo being shoved into his neg hole, you just like the TIP of the dildo and you believe it makes you very different than him.
I don't like the dildo at all, I want it removed immediately and sent far away from me.
Atheism is so three current years ago.

The human shrug.

Steve Shives? Never heard of her.

Chuffered FUoogle

I think anyone that makes another video about this ass clown of stupid I'll have to seriously consider not watching their videos any more. At a basic level of stupidity has to be ignored. Flat earth and moon deniers for example.
Until the vaginal lips finish growing on his face I really don't want to hear about him ever again.

Brad James

that sob pisses me off to degrees unseen.


Every single time you paused Steve Shives' video, you made his face look more and more punchable.


In that video with him and his wife, he was fucked either way. If he had answered Buffy, she would've said it was because Buffy is hot and he just want's to ogle at her. Why in the fuck would he stay with that woman. Fuck, she looks more masculine then he does.

RT @holesinthefoam: “Steve Shives is irrelevant!” – VIDEO – https://t.co/8aLcabKyJ2 #Atheism https://t.co/QkSt0vyl8B