Steven Anderson Isn’t Bothered by “Forced Marital Relations” (Feat. Mr. Atheist)


Jimmy from the “Mr. Atheist” joins me to break down Steven Anderson’s views on consent in marital relations.

RAINN is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. RAINN created and operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline (800.656.HOPE, y in partnership with more than 1,000 local sexual assault service providers across the country and operates the DoD Safe Helpline for the Department of Defense. RAINN also carries out programs to prevent sexual violence, help survivors, and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice.

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John Abramsky

you are psychopath,consent is given at marriage vows exchanged, atheist you most likely stinking jew get out from this holy site pervert.


Can this pastor get time in prison for speech that cammands his listeners to go out and commit sexual crimes? This just seems very illegal to me.

Macro Forty

What a shameful excuse for a man, Steven the "sociopath rapist" Anderson always reminds me that an anagram of "evangelist" is Evil's agent…which is just too fitting.
Also, I'm almost completely convinced that people like Anderson are just insecure that, if there was a benevolent god, they could have just been a stain on the bed sheets or part of a fluid pearl necklace….

Sir Quentin Crispy

Its men like him that make me so happy I'm gay.

John Thimakis

The biblical definition of "incontinency" is: "Lack of self control".

wulfe Argent

They missed an opportunity here, they should have shoved that taser so far up his ass it fried his tonsils

Queen Cee

That recipe with the honey bun – yuck

John Parker

I hear this asshole advocating for spousal rape, and the only wish I have for him is the next time he’s got the flu, has been throwing up constantly and has a temp of 104*, his wife pulls out the large strap on (that her and her girlfriend use to achieve actual sexual pleasure with each other), straps it on, and she rolls this dick head onto his stomach and gives it to him dry. Just cuz she was in the mood. Of course, as much as this loser preaches homosexual bigotry I’m sure this wouldn’t be a new experience,… Read more »

Robert Payne

Just for everyone's information, Steven Anderson is regarded as a nut by the vast majority of churches (and by even more if they saw this) and I don't know of any denomination that would agree with him.  He really is a slice of excrement.   Remember he is KJVO so the 1611 use of incontinency shows how out of date it is.

Kazira S

Steven Anderson takes after his testosterone filled mythical father Yahway.

Roy C

Some christians are so medieval, backward thinking and vile.
The bible is full of evil vile crap, and people still live by it. It beggars belief.

Satan OfScience

I'm not sure what's worse Steven Anderson or people who follow him !


Ironic, that just today, I read about the story of Hypatia. Fanatics are just the worst.

Blind Truth

While I do not think that these vile opinions of Steven Anderson are indicative of modern Christianity at least for the mainstream, the religion unfortunately does give him a platform from which he can voice this bile from and he can use his so-called holy book to give himself some justification for these ideas.

Letrune Inedil

Aaah, yes. Steven Anderson is a medieval revisionist now. Who votes to elect Trump as the king of Washeen? You guys could have fiefdoms and the crown city of Neyark, the new Papacy in St. Louis, with the counter religious movement be in Canterbury (the US one), and half the nation as serfdom…With Steven Anderson being one whose kids are forced into marriage to a certain Cross county lord's family, and if he objects, he can be lashed for talking back to lords. It will be a lot of fun, guys, it is not like the Dark Ages were bad… Read more »

Satan OfScience

Why is this fuck allowed to speak in public !!!

Von Wane

If there was a wooden door on the front of Steven Anderson's pulpit, what would the pulpit resemble?


Chic filet waffle fries


I know I'm about to comment something stupid on a video about a very serious topic, but I just have to respond to Kyle. I have never understood the fascination people have with McDonald's fries. I like the fries from pretty much every other fast food chain so much more. Even as a kid I wasn't into McDonald's. It's not about being a snob or being cool. And it isn't just the fries that are overrated, the burgers suck too. In N Out, Carl's Jr., Wendy's, Burger King, even Jack In The Box… all better than McDonald's in every possible… Read more »

Dead Sirius

Jimmy is singing a Tim Minchin song!? I am almost happy right now! Hard to actually be happy listening to this crap, but thank you for that Mr Atheist!!


Thanks for exposing this…… this…. (insert a log of bad words). Love watching yall


Steven Anderson and Greg Locke need to just admit their love for each other and get married. They'd be much nicer people, I think.


To quote The Maxx, "…I don't think any guy that's pulled himself off a crying woman has been confused for a second about what she wanted."