Study: Atheists Smarter Than Religious People, haha… – VIDEO





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I’m a Buddhist and I have one thing to say . Misleading title with hate purpose toward ALL religions.

Atheism from Wikipedia : Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities.The term atheism originated from the Greek ἄθεος (atheos), meaning “without god(s)
Atheism is accepted within some religious and spiritual belief systems, including Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Raelism, Neopagan movements such as Wicca and nontheistic religions.

GTA Nikolai

Energy always existed.

GTA Nikolai

The truth is that this physical world is only exist in the mind, and it is a illusion.

we are all one consciousness, having a physical-experience.

Christopher Hitchens

I see your point: Energy cannot be destroyed or created, only transferred or changed into other forms of energy. From this you fast concluded that there must of been energy before the Big Bang, and that must be god who created energy. Well see you are being CLOSED MINDED. Have you thought about MULTIPLE UNIVERSES? Since energy is transfers, thus the energy from the Big Bang could be passed from another Universe. Research on Multi Universe. It is an Hypothesis that is studied a lot recently.

Christopher Hitchens

Our scientists are working hard to understand our Universe. Their discoveries are passed through rigorous reviews and tests by their peers. Tests after tests after tests. The facts and other theories makes us believe in a possible Big Bang. I have never herd a scientist saying he’s 100% SURE that Big Bang is the truth. Scientists say: the facts lead in that direction. Keep in mind that a theory is more powerful than a FACT. A theory is composed of MANY FACTS and other proven theories combined

Christopher Hitchens

Where in the bible does it say that?

Sam Bleser

Believing in God makes you an idiot.


I’d rather be a smart sad liberal than a dumb happy conservative any day.


I wonder how big the sample was and whether the conductor of the study was religious. 😀


God is everything that exists. You are some weird shit he found growing in his belly button and hasn’t quite decided what to do with yet. Just by raising this argument you reveal your intellect and you are not fooling anyone. And yes I probably am the smartest pink monkey on the planet.


Truly exceptional intelligence with careful consideration will bring you back full circle. Get over yourselves.


Truly exceptional intelligence with careful consideration will bring you back full circle. Get over yourselves.


Actually that’s incorrect. Only smart people and sexy cheerleaders are allowed into Heaven.
That theological position is as valid as any other theological position and is based on the same amount and the same kind of evidence, so there you have it: if you’re not smart or a sexy cheerleader, you won’t go to Heaven, which is, by the way, a place where the party never ends.
Sucks to be you. Sorry, but I’ll spend eternity in a place where the glass is green and the girls are pretty and you will not.


True but irrelevant, because a turtle’s fart >>>>>>>>>>> Ray Comfort.

Guy Ice

Religion….happy…..clueless. Regardless, I still prefer reality.


Why can I not stand people like most of the people in the comment section. Some of you are ridiculous.


And another thing faith in the bible means “without evidence” or something like that.


My grandma believes that god created the earth and is old what’s the difference? You believe or not believe and you still grow old. And my aunt is old and she believes.


I’m actually pretty happy without religion (:

Lance Fountain


Richard Read

The most religious states in the USA have the highest crime rates according to the FBI website. I thought it would be the other way around, but the math doesn’t lie.


Many late fathers of western civilization were Deists. The American founding fathers who created the constitution, Friedrich der Große (Fredrick the great) who reestablished schools and education etc. Then again, at the time of the 18th century Atheism or Agnosticism didn’t exist and therefore being a Deist was the closest you could get to being an Atheist Agnostic, thanks to the late fathers of western civilization we could have reached this far out of the clutches of religious tyranny.

Scuba Steve


Lance Fountain

I would have just said 100%

Lance Fountain

Yahoo news? Let me ask you, What is so smart about this; And he cried out and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus so that he may dip the tip of his finger in water and cool off my tongue, for I am in agony in this flame.’ you see the self righteous, went to hell, the ridiculed did not. When will you fear God?


But according to the Bible religious people are smarter than Atheists, so there…the Bible says so.

GTA Nikolai

God of the bible is bullshit.

The truth is, everyone is energy, one big consciousness, you can call that a ”god”

Scuba Steve

Please kindly point out why this universe NEEDED a benevolent omnipresent, omnipotent, invisible God to create it? And to top it off, why the God of the bible and not the thousands of others?

GTA Nikolai

a universe that has come out of nowhere, is that so believable? a (Big Bang) from nowhere? ugh … stupid … if that is you reason to not believe in god, why dont you stop to believe in the universe?

Thats so stupid, there had been something that matter, has brought the matter, and energy to begin.

A human has energy, and energy is never lost. consciousness is energy, life is a illusion. the truth is, that we are all one consciousness.

I am getting mad on religious and atheistic people.

Scuba Steve

*Prove it. OK first prove he exists so I can attempt to disprove it. That’s how these things work. You can’t disprove negatives. Its like if I told you there is an invisible pink unicorn in my closet. Its up to me to proof it. It wouldn’t be up to you to try to disprove the invisible pink unicorn if I haven’t proven its existence to begin with. How about you disprove Zeus, Leprechauns and Fairies and i’ll use your method.

GTA Nikolai

Proof it.

Scuba Steve

Neither will “dumber than” because it doesn’t exist.

Virgil Hicks

“Smarter than” won’t get you into heaven!

Jehovah Kill



Atheism isn’t a belief at all, it’s the absence of a belief.
As far as the intelligence thing goes, there are dozens of these studies on both sides, saying opposite things, each as unreliable as the next as far as causation is concerned.


This guy is very irritating…


I know you racist fucktards are pretty dumb at the best of times, but did you even realise that your bullshit has noting to do with the subject being discussed in this video.


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Trevor Kennedy

care more*