Does racism increase when the economy sucks? – VIDEO


Study: Racism Increases When Economy Goes Sour (Video)

We hear the mantra daily, “take back our country!”  Even the most casual of political observers views footage on news reports of rabid protestors, brandishing signs, screaming for a return to “fundamental constitutional practices”, thinly veiled code for “take back our country!”  Personally, I have always wondered who the villainous fiend was that “stole” their country.

Our nation has been beset in the past decade by an unparalleled recession.  Fueled by unfunded wars waged for the nefarious purpose of lining wealthy corporations coffers and an unregulated Wall Street, an epic financial crisis occurred.  Many Americans suffer from this scarcity; homes gone forever, retirement accounts evaporated overnight.  Desperate to locate the boogey man who undoubtedly lurks behind these heinous deeds, America’s white citizenry casts about for someone to blame.

A new study by Dr. Amy Krosch and Dr. David Amodio of New York University suggests that white America has located the villain.  Coincidentally, it is the same criminal suspect named in many crimes, the unknown black guy.  The study indicates that during times of scarcity and poverty, white subjects see people of mixed race as more “black” than they actually are.  In other words, the recession makes people appear “blacker” to Caucasian Americans.  The facts are that more black workers remain underemployed and jobless than white workers; black unemployment rates remain double that of the white unemployment rate.  During the recession, the median household income for black families fell  fifty-three percent, contrasted with the white median household income drop of sixteen percent.  White median income remains six times greater than that of black families.

Interestingly, the study also found that people who embrace a more conservative ideology categorize more mixed race faces as “black”.  Dr. Krosch along with Professor Jay Van Bavel and John J. Jost are further pursuing this finding, attempting to discover if its etymology lies in political ideology, or other underlying factors.

I now know who the Tea Partiers believe “stole” their country.  It was the black guy.  When Barack Obama was historically elected as the first African American President, something in their brains literally broke.  Already suffering the effects of Bush’s irrational policies, these people needed someone to blame.  Despite the never-ending expostulations about how “this is not about racism”, this is what it is exactly about.  As Dr. Krosch and Dr. Amodio’s study indicates, in times of scarcity, conservative America sees the black guy as the “one to watch out for”.  Despite the recent ruling by SCOTUS, this writer believes that racism is not only alive, but is thriving.



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