Such good advice from someone who just really, really wishes that he never got caught…


Michael Cohen urges people to vote for Democrats

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney, says that he has been a Democrat for most of his life, despite his former role as deputy finance chairman at the RNC. #CNN #News



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Julieta Ballester

Cohen is a bonehead and a liar.

Ryan Walker

Michael Cohen is a slimy turd

Bonnie Baker

So, why have you NOT reported abuse the dem in Connecticut who got busted for voter … The ethics violations of Maxine & Kampala? Oh, yeah. No time. Just keep beating the same dead horse.

Rory Mulligan

CNN fake news you're ratings would go up if u stopped the extreme leftist bias

Leila Adams

Cohen looks like a coward. Not man enough to do time for his crimes. He looks like he will off himself. Bye bye coward.


Hope Michael and CNN stay in touch while he's in prison. I'd love to hear how he's doing from time to time.

Dan DaVanman

Michael Cohen

Nathan Remix

Is it me or american politics Love to pose weird faces .

Chris Silva

What a sellout

zero g templar

Cohen is a moron! and a communist/fascist…

Braxton Gary

Don’t vote for party research what your voting for don’t vote just to get free stuff people

Braxton Gary

Hes tweaking

tj hessmon

Two years of investigation and no evidence that President Trump colluded with Russians, Lots of evidence however that Democrats colluded with Russians over a fake dossier and lots of evidence of officials at the highest levels in government colluding with the Democrats to overthrow and American election—————————————————–The worst economic times ever experienced (less than 1 % growth), My 401K tanked, my home value dropped and never increased for 8 years under the Democrats. Each year I was barely hanging on to job, had it gone on one more year, I would have lost my job and my home…. During that… Read more »

kn cshw

a fucking rat

William R

Trump 2020 :p

John Doe

I'm voting Republican

shaquille mccray

Michael Cohen should go out and Vote for the Democrats too.


What a snake, this dude will say anything for money

Jonathan Reed

Come on Republicans! Don’t you know? Every woman has a God given right to murder her children in the womb. Every Mexican national has a right to free hospitalization, education and housing in America. We decry racism and hatred except when it comes to white males, conservative blacks, and assimilated Hispanics. Doubling the national debt is ok, as long as an illegal alien, disbarred, gay democrat hiding his academic records does it. Get with the program! Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba need company. Yes we can!


To all Democrats: "Walk away to the other side. The gates are open, the path is wide, Lift your eyes to the stars above,
Vote for wisdom, dignity and love." Vote Red!

chacoleena love

listen to Sammy gravano..all bcuz he got caught..

Jigga Boo

What a weird case of Stockholm syndrome

Jayson Davis

He's a good looking guy. I would…

Algie Evan DeWitt V

Vote for people who will do the things you believe in. Not say, do.

Big Moe

Her neck is long as hell!


So Paul Manafort wants special treatment because he has Gout??? Gout is a "rich" man's disease and not really serious. The jail food is gonna serve his gout just fine.