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This makes me sick

Hate them all!

Carnival Barkers all of them !

Alex Jones is actually ok

Yeah, for a paranoid lunatic asshole… 😛

For years i thought Jones n Limbaugh were the same person. If I had to sit with one fur an hour, i would take the minor lunatic …Jones.

Rush is funny to listen to, but not for any longer than a minute. You couldn’t pay me to even say anything nice about Alex Jones. Glenn Beck takes himself too seriously, but dresses like a hipster.

How in the hell is Beck worth even a tenth of that? That is what I find most astounding about this.

But he does have some true info in his videos

Me too. Conspiracy theories can at least be interesting stories.

Yeah, he’s a real journalist. 😛

People are stupid. 😛


Just don’t try passing them off as news or truth. 😛