Sucks to be you, traitorous fat orange dipshit…


Trump lashing out at democrats over Presidential investigations
The president commented that the Democratic Party is “going nuts” as multiple investigations into his presidency kick into high gear.



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Impeach trump!

Chris Dixon

Libtards digging a deeper hole for themselves.

Voice of knowledge

Liberal frothing at the mouth, never ending, investigations are making us Americans very angry. They refuse to do their congressional part to make America great. Their irrational, nutcase fixation will ensure that Trump gets re-elected in a landslide.

J Ripley

Lash out meaning
lash out. 1. To physically swing or strike out at someone or something, usually unexpectedly. That ornery old cat will lash out at you if you get too close. 2. To react with sudden, intense anger.

ABC is fake news…

kevin anderson

This investigation is helping CCP Chinese. Democratic is CCP Chinese dogs these days

Laura Schneer

Shouldn’t our time and tax dollars go to resolving the crisis We have now rather than trying to impeach a president? He only has a year and a half left. We have bigger issues to deal with like a high deaths from drugs in our country etc.

brayan ramirez

Lmao i wish he wasnt a president one of the worst ones in history


Trump deserves to be the first president ever put in prison

Mr. Mcsalty

Trump = Troll

Mr Jones

I love the smell of panicking Trump in the morning. Smells like…prosecution…impeachment.


Dont worry! He will return fire.
It will twice as bad for the dems.

Ralph Goff

If he really has "nothing to hide" why is he fighting these investigations so vehemently??? Where there's smoke there's usually fire …

Eric Martin

"lashing out" after 2 years of nothing from Mueller. is this the new norm in America, endless investigations? Democrats have sunk to an all time low… how about Politicians get back to work and do the jobs they were elected for. there is another Shut-Down coming up and no deal on border security as of yet.


Why is he so afraid of being investigated? He's clearly guilty. Lock him up.

J Ripley

So all this time the democratic kept lying to the American peoples that Trump and his administration is trying to stop the Robert Mueller investigation and kept lying that Trump is trying to "distract" the Mueller investigation??? It's Been over 2 years and found NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION… other than than petty crimes & manufacturing crimes to create "lies" and faults investigations to make them look like they are criminals? FBI Rad in Rogar Stones house? Really? The guy doesn't even own a gun nor his charges were criminal.. plus how can convenience that CNN was already there.. Are you folks… Read more »

CountryOverParty AmericaPhuckYeah

Of course he'd be complaining that little bitch Trump and his supporters,like give flak but once its happening to them cry like the little bitches they truly are. Talk the talk but cant walk.

geno mccgeno

Sic em' Nancy!!

wobbly nostrils

Trump 2020.


What the hell! It is a pointless political game. And why isn't Hillary yet in jail? Pelosi, what's in your closet?

Broads in Africa

It should be common interest by both democrats and republicans to settle this

Hou Tex

Nope. They harrased Obama about his citizenship


Trump will never show his taxes

Rikki Hoffecker

Scared Shittless. See Donny-no-Dick run!!!!

Douglas Barton

Were you one of the 538 electors of the electoral collage that elected D.J. Trump president?

Thomas Jacky


Michael Base

Trump will end up getting reelected.