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Lathen Lisdoonvarna

As an atheist I think this is fine, but I don’t see why they sell it as an
“atheist camp”. Why not just inform parents that there is no part of the
camp that has anything to do with religion? No praying before meals etc?
Maybe they would get some religious kids who could use a break from the
constant religious indoctrination. I never really talked about religion
with my friends when I was a kid… went to Boy Scout summer camps but
don’t recall any overt religion being foisted upon us.

last chance blueprint

Smart kids.

Ariel Leigh

That little girl is really intelligent and well-spoken.

Tony Linguinie

I would definitely send my children to this camp..


If I ever got married and had kids, I would NEVER send them to this Godless


lol atheist camp is real. Honestly though, I don’t have any concerns
against this. What I do have concerns with is anti-theist indoctrination,
which preaches intolerant attitudes against religious people, irregardless
of who they are as individuals or their social standing in society. It is
the same as Hitler painting the jews as caricatures instead of human
beings, anti0theism is painting a caricature of religious people as bigots
without even trying to be a friend.

Abby Amy

I have been to one camp in South Carolina. It’s really fun, and not all
about atheism. Mainly science. I’m an atheist but there were even a few
kids there who were christian but believed in evolution. Amazing
experience! I’m going back this summer!


Those kids have been coached. It is sad really when a kid has to pause to
think what they are going to say. Kids usually speak freely and that is
what makes them truly special.


Atheist/Christian camp…Buddhist camp…Whatever happened to camp just
being a place for kids to be kids?

Hiking in the woods, kayaking, swimming, bound fires, playing fun games,
and making amazing memories. I never been to camp, those outings are $$$
and I came from very humble beginnings, but even I can see making what was
once fun for ALL children into an exclusive club is wrong.



tran quoc dan

What is important about freedom summer?
Freedom Summer was a campaign in the United States launched during the
summer of 1964 to attempt to register as many African American voters as
possible in the southern states. Over 1,000 volunteers helped out. The
program was aimed at Mississippi, where the African American population
exceeded 45%, and only 5% voted. It registered 1,600 more blacks. The
program also established many summer schools in Mississippi to try and
counteract the state’s inequitably-funded school system.


only if your an idiot. Harry Potter is clearly laboled fictional.

Nelson Addison Dashner

This is a horrible expose. The main focus of CQ is not atheism, it is
critical thinking skills.

Shakyric Lawson

No, I think they’re being taught that its ok to think for yourself, and not
to let some outdated story book do it for you. At least, thats what I think
they’re being taught.


Flying Spageti Monster, lol they took that right out of South Park


believe me, I’ve been mocked at so many times for being an atheist. And
told that my family and I would burn in hell for not believing in the
christian god. Firstly, I was raised a hindu, so I don’t even know how that
is an issue. But even if I was raised christian and turned atheist, it is
extremely vile to tell that to someones face. Many of my friends are
Christians, we just don’t agree on certain aspects. That’s all there is to
it. Why some people push it too far with hate, I don’t get.


“It is generally a camp that only Atheist parents would typically want to
send their kids to but they won’t turn a kid away for not being Atheist.”
Of course they wont turn Christian kids away. They will simply tell them
they should have tolerance for atheist, while at the same time respectfully
inform them that they believe in a flying spagetti monster. I went to Wood
Craft Rangers one of many non secular camps, and they never tried to get
involved or marginalize our own personel beliefs.

Armed Resistence

None of the ‘abrahamic’ denominations have gotten it right yet. Logically,
how could you though, to metaphorically ‘burn’ knowledge, simply because it
challenges the current version of an idea, which may or may not potentially
challenge the individuals ability to recognize reality from fantasy, and a
release from mass-mindedness, which can be devastating, is only possible
with the increase of an individuals ‘self-knowledge’. Only the can we call
ourselves, self aware. We (All) should read more.


Guys im really worried because my niece goes to khalsa school(sikhism)
where shes in 4th grade and she dosent know what planets or multiplication
or even recycling…what should i doo!!!!

Rebecca Em

Imagine if those kids went to vbs, how it could change them if they went to
something more towards their ahem

Bert Simmons

I think you just may be right there man.


“The best way to become an atheist is to study the bible” This is so true.
Atheist’s are probably more informed about most religions than the people
that believe in them. I think it’s because of this that they are in a
better position to dismiss religion. I was raised as a Catholic and went to
a strict Catholic school. They taught religion to me so well that I could
see that it couldn’t possibly be true and it was organised purely to
control people. I’ve been atheist since I was 13 and I’m happy


No No, you are thinking of the catholic church or any organised religion
for that matter


all the facts point to god! consider a watch. if you see a watch lying on a
beach you assume somebody had to have made it. just like the universe. and
then what about the banana it’s perfectly shaped to the hand for humans to
use. this is obviously just a phase and one day you will accept jesus


they are brainwashing these innocent children! It’s horrid. by making this
camp they are sending these kids to HELL!


If the entire human race did not question what was not understandable at
first, we’d still be riding horses to work and think the sun orbited the


Even though I am an Atheist, I can’t stand how suddenly people use it as
some kind of ideology and manipulate children in atheistic schools or
camps. This is the kind of ideology that was supposed to be avoided in the
first place… Just leave the kids alone with this stuff and let them form
their own opinion.


With atheism we would have no morales.

Bert Simmons

…. Wow. I almost forgot I even wrote that comment. I think what I was
trying to say was I’d much rather be there when I was younger rather than
church and Sunday School.


it turned me atheist hahaha


That little girl is so impressively articulate

Kakure Possenti

More like a very correct statement given all the atheists I’ve argued with.
You don’t consider anything…that’s the problem. When was it ever said God
could be proven through science? I would love to see you try to argue this.


Why make such a big fuss about atheism? It’s just a made up word. We are
all born “atheists”, it’s the default position unless brainwashed from a
very young age.


If anything, people should be lauding science for its humble and self
correcting nature. We once believed the earth was flat, the evidence piled
on against it, and science changed its views. I don’t think it will ever go
back the other way lol. Religion on the other hand, preaches a doctrine,
sometimes in a fundamentalist way. Science is the body of knowledge that
BEST EXPLAINS the world as of today, there are no absolutes, only that is
the beauty of it.

Hasnain Mohammed

In just the same way that atheist regards matter as eternal, believers in
God attribute eternity to God. Belief in an eternal being is then common to
materialist and religious philosophers: both groups agree that there is a
primary cause, but believers in God regard the primary cause as wise,
all-knowing, and possessing the power of decision and will, whereas in the
view of the materialists, the primary cause has neither consciousness,
intelligence, perception, nor the power of decision.


Maybe is these camps become more widespread, the future USA can have news
channel that would not try that kind of BS, and Fox “news” will die off


Thats the weakest argument Ive evere heard. Your religion of science
contradicts itself year to year by changing conclusions to whatever best
fits at that time. Youve never read the bible obviously or you would
realize what those same stories are for. They are different eyewitness
acounts. And one historian account. Theres no contradictions. Just
different wording. I know the few things you people see as contradictions ,
but its only because you so badly want to disprove and unbelieve it

heywood jablowme

Yeah, it’d be nice to also give me the publisher, year published, editor


Lol Christians raise their kids telling them they have to believe. Atheists
give a choice

Armed Resistence

that it was reported on, I agree, let people be. Isn’t it a part of
‘freedom of religion’…


I don’t believe in Santa Claus. I need a team to help me celebrate my

Metal Upa

orly? What about this statement by the camp’s executive director on the
“Invisible Unicorn Hunt” held on camp? “There are two that live at Camp
Quest. You can’t see them, touch them, hear them, smell them, and they
don’t leave any visible signs or tracks. If a camper can prove that the
unicorns do not exist he or she will win a godless $100 bill (a $100 from
prior to 1954 when “In God We Trust” was added to U.S. paper currency).”