Talk Heathen: Atheist: Grieving for an Imaginary Relationship | Frode – Norway |


Talk Heathen 03.02 for January 13, 2018 with Eric Murphy & Noah Lugeons.

Call the show on Sundays 1:00-2:00pm CDT: 1-512-686-0279


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Dan Atatakai

I still think that is really David Lee Roth in hiding! :p

[HUSS]Bruizer Brody

Getting disowned by family because I walked away from Christianity sucks….but….I saved 128 dollars by switching to Geico

12 3

I never got angry at god when I found out he wasn't real. I got angry at the liars who told me he was. Can't imagine what Frode's going through right now.

Noir Reaper

I still remember the time when my family (except my parents) were sorta ostracizing me a little bit for not believing in God, it was extremely frustrating. It lasted for a year or so, any form of family event was miserable for me. They did stop actively trying to ostracize me eventually. I still get off handed remarks once in a while, good thing I'm moving half a world across soon for my masters. This made me realize that the sense of community that religion brings is one of the key factors to keep a person from abandoning religion. I… Read more »

Pat Doyle

My brother went through something like this when he divorced. He had a group of "friends" that he had known for many years. They were so close, that all five families decided to buy lots next door to each other, and they even planned out their back yards together. These were pretty rich guys, so they all had huge swimming pools and hot tubs, but for example, my brother put in lawn bowling and a karate dojo in his yard, as several of them and their kids were into karate, and his neighbor had a tennis court and a trampoline,… Read more »

Phrygian Dominant

Lasse L. Matberg