Taslima Nasrin – My Struggle for Secularism… – VIDEO


Taslima Nasrin – My Struggle for Secularism, Human Rights, Freedom of Expression and for Women’s Freedom Taslima Nasrin at the Global Atheist Convention Melb…



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Eaos Benaetoo

Her speech is an excellent critique of Islam. It could also be viewed as a
critical review of the Quo’run, exposing its inherent weakness, bias, and
it’s inhumanity towards other faiths. It is sad she can not champion
women’s issues in health, education, social status without pointing her
finger at the book( Quo’run) and the faith( Islam ) she is leaving behind,
for good. It is sad that she is prosecuted, hounded, threatened by her
belief in freedom, and humanity. 


Secularism has opened her eyes. In her country, she and many of her
countrymen, were blinded by Religious bigotry, and oppression. She is so
brave to speak so openly against Islam. 

Oepota Weeksa

We have to salute this women who is fighting a lonely and heroic battle against Islam, which is used as a weapon against women, and minorities. Women in Islam are second class citizens, with limited opportunities. Girls education is frowned upon, and in some cases, girls are attacked whilst on the way to school. Sometimes they are kidnapped, and taken as sex slaves. No wonder as an educated women, she feels isolated and alienated. Blasphemy and Sharia Laws are used to suppress, prosecute and even to execute non believers. Islam has hijacked people and their mind, and forced them to… Read more »


Notice how the majority of the comments that are against Taslima make no
attempt to debunk or address her points but instead resort to name-calling
or insults… This is symptomatic of a side that has no argument but
instead must result in petty gossip and even violence. In other words,
you’ve lost.

Aerse Veertaube

Taslima Nasrin is the reason why Muslim girls needs an education. Not acid
or bullets on the face for trying to get one. Once educated, the danger to
Islam is that they will cultivate a cynical and questioning spirit of mind,
that goes against grain in Islam, which does not allow it, particularly if
the cynic and questioner is a female.

adza aeranem

Now that she has embraced secularism, Allah won’t be a pain in her neck or
the backside anymore.


i think before saying anythig about any relision or anything, should be
prefer othentic books and their scholar…
she says that she read quran in bangla, and become master in quran, find
lots of mistake , and become lecturar and wrighter…
so talented bitch……

Sillicon Boycott

Salute to the brave women of all times. Salute to Taslima Nasrin. I am
proud to say that I am lucky to hear someone like her..


A remarkable woman I really admire.

I Taslima Nasrin!

Jakaria Jakir

Allah for give us ………….. and drive us in right way. we know your
are very merciful. you said ” read in the name of your lord who created. he
created man from a clot”. we (Muslim) are not blind. like taslima nasrin.
do you know “AAalaqin”(clot) means what? which is said about 1400 years
ago. i hate you more than other because you born in mymensing where i born.

Iqbal Jamuddar

I want stop going saudi aurab in order to perform hajj specially for
bangladesh people.it’s only wasting money.

Mr. Ihab Ayesh

She is unsing Islam to steel the money of Europ , and she said a lot wrong Judgments about Islam even she didn’t open the holy book Quran , she is not Arabs and she do not know how to read Arabic , for exeample I never seen anything in Al quran Said that the Sun running arround the earth , she is using stupid Eropean to deliver lyings , she said that All creat female for sex and she said that in paradise that the female can only stay with her husband , please find it in Al quran… Read more »

Hussain Kavi

Poor bengoli just to get money n Fane can sell there own mother religion is
a small

Flash Man

The problem with Bangladesh is not Islam but tribalism.

Divya Priya

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have to

Iqbal Jamuddar

We should not speak ill about allah because all did not send any verse to
mohammad.he write him self quran to establish him self as a great leader
and full fill his lust he was a dog immoral.


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Divya Priya

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Divya Priya

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ali ammar syed

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Jane J

Thank for you great lady because you said what I want say—Your struggle
is my struggle .


@mashpayne As courageous as they were, the rest of the world won’t hear
their voices. This is why we need Taslima Nasrin, and more like her.

Jon McMahon

Taslima Nasrin is what a real feminist looks like. Not like the pampered
princesses in the west.


@farida250 you’re scared of this, and so you should be. i was in the room
that day and was deeply touched by this woman’s strength and bravery. if
civilisation survives the madness of religious fervour we currently live
in, it will be hero’s like taslima that forged the path to a dignified
existence for all people that will be remembered. frankly, the position you
take of ‘god’ knowing ones true reasons wearing an anti-rape sack would be
hilarious, if it wasn’t so disgusting. be well farida250.


she is not at all, you are completely deranged.


@Missteree87 Religions don’t create mysogony, they reinforce existing
mysogony. Tackling that alone, religion will adapt to it. Muslims in the
West keep banging on about female equality, Western Islam is an adaptation
to a new culture. Bengali Islam is a reflection of Indian culture. You
won’t find a man who believes in equality, then becomes a mysogonist
because of a book. Everyone picks and chooses what to believe according to
their personal taste.


She’s correct about our Government. The politicians are here corrupt and
idiots to banish a wise-woman like Taslima.


To all those ready to form opinions based on whatever anybody says……
read the Holy Quran and the Sahih Hadith (Bukhari and Muslim) and then form
your decision…. but the most curteous and intellectual way to discuss and
criticise is to discuss…. So discuss with scholars of Islam and
Muslims…then decide about what Islam truly represents……. There is a
lot of difference in what Islam teaches and the different ways in which it
is followed.

Missy Teree

@superhamzah85 She is an activist for women. Especially for the women who
suffer in her home country. The misogyny in Islamic countries are directly
caused and propagated by these backwards belief systems.


So you are saying that you have knowledge yet you are not wise. Because the
fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and you don’t have that. Jesus
is the only way to salvation, be wise and recognize that. Then ask Him for

Jyotirmoy Sarkar

Religion is fucking primitive practice….STOP THIS SHIT form a modern
civilised society.

titi manko

go away troll


If my unshakable belief in Jesus makes me a religious fanatic, so be it !
The reason I don’t believe your views on God is because I read and
continually study the Holy Bible and I have realized that its prophecies
are key to understanding past, present, and future world events. So iIts
message was relevant before and is still relevant today. Also, I have a
personal relationship with God that testifies to my very soul of His
existence. No amount of name-calling will change my mind.

Ray McCormick

@farida250 Come on THE QURAN and ISLAM IS A FUCKING STUPID JOKE ! … 8:12
“Remember your lord inspired the angels(with the message): “I am with you:
give firmness to the believer: I will instill terror into the hearts of the
Unbelievers: you smite above their necks and smite all their finger tips
off them.”” There are your morals for you, the Koran is no different from
the western bible. People have to start accepting this as the work of pure

Karen Michaud

@farida250 You’re a fucking pig. Why don’t you get off this channel and let
the grownups talk? Go back to your kindergarten class, idiot.


@farida250 unfortunately i can’t tell what your mother looks like because
the bitch is covered up in a derka burqa. I wonder why some women take up
the burqa, maybe because they’re ugliness infects society.


Islam is a backward retarded ideology of of oppression and subjugation with
absolutely no place in a modern western democracy. Just how long is it
going to take people to realize this? Before it is too late hopefully.

Walkiers. Sluta rösta i fler musiktävlingar nu. Lämna det till folk som lyssnar också.

@farida250 And why do you think she would care what you think about her
looks? Do you actually think she has any interest in pleasing you in your
sexual urgency? Don´t you think she has much better things to do than to
please every mad man on this planet who thinks women exist just to please
and obey you?


You were never an atheist then my friend.


lol, Islam is peaceful

purav jilka

Can’t take Taslima seriously, psycho-feminist who is obsessed with bringing
down the male race.