Only a GOP idiot running for office in GUESS WHICH STATE would say something like this…


Texas GOP Governor Candidate: Gay Marriage Will Discourage Straight Couples From Having Babies

Attorney General Greg Abbott, Wendy Davis’ opponent,  says the same-sex marriage ban in Texas should remain intact because legalizing it would do little or nothing to encourage heterosexual couples to get married and have children.

Abbott wrote in a brief filed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday that the state was not obligated to prove why gay marriage might be detrimental to the economic or social well-being of Texans. He stated it was only required to show how ‘opposite-sex’ marriage would be more beneficial for its citizens, the Houston Chronicle reports.

“The State is not required to show that recognizing same-sex marriage will undermine heterosexual marriage,” the brief read. “It is enough if one could rationally speculate that opposite-sex marriages will advance some state interest to a greater extent than same-sex marriages will.”

The new filing largely reiterated the same “responsible procreation” argument Abbott made in July, when the state first appealed a a February district court’s ruling overturning the Texas gay marriage ban. In it, Abbott argued marriage among heterosexual partners is more beneficial to society because it encourages married couples to have children and provides an example for other couples to do the same.

Because heterosexual couples are always discouraged by gay couples who are in love. Suddenly, it’s a sex-free marriage and gays are to blame. Or something.

“Honey, are you up for a little sexy time?”

“No dear, because gay couples are marrying”

Marriage can be an avenue to procreation, but it’s not the sole or principal reason to get married.

Gay couples have children, too.
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