That’s right, the nuns do a lot crazy pedo shit too. Nice huh?…


CBS News correspondent Nikki Battiste joined CBSN to discuss new sexual abuse allegations in the Catholic Church. At least 18 people have come forward to say they were sexually abused by nuns. The alleged victims said they felt compelled to talk after a Pennsylvania grand jury identified hundreds of “pedophile priests.”



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Would the world be a better place without religion of any kind?


Priests go for boys, nuns go for girls. Just let these people be gay

PJ Flyers

Most people still don't believe a mother, an aunt, or other adult women can be a sexually abusive person. It was absolutely not allowed to be spoken of 50 years ago, and it's still only whispered. More people need to know that women do abuse children.

Machisma Productions

More men than women commit violent crimes in general, Of course more priests than nuns are pedophiles. #violentcrimesstatistics

Dagaan Galakticos

Western Culture is in serious crisis. Islam outnumbers Christians and wants to overrun the
West. EuroAmerica doesn't have a strong enough basis for the unity with which to resist Islam. Sweden and Germany and England and France and America have subscribed to 'compassion' for other religions which is absurd as those other religions are predatory. The Jews want to own the world banking system and the Muslims want Sharia in Minnesota and Belgium. What is the basis today for EuroAmerican unity to confront these hungry beasts?

Victor Torres

The church is stupid, asking ppl to go against their natural urges and tendencies is a lost cause. Even nuns need the D

ala ska

Some people have all the luck.

Robert Rodgers

Catholic = Child Rapist! After all, if a person gives even a penny to the Catholic church, then they are knowingly and maliciously funding the rape of children – which makes them just as evil as the priests and nuns who are raping kids. That is a well established fact. ALL true Catholics have left the world's most evil child rape organization, the Catholic Church, and have renounced ALL ties to any other organization related to the Catholic Church. It is possible to be a Christian without being a member of any organized religious institution. From all evidence, the only… Read more »

Navi Cruz

Hope you guys know this is America. We don't have to shove this down our throats. Freedom of religion.

Mewmew 989

So sad. She was assaulted by her uncle and was taken advantage of by a nun