Christopher Hitchens: The Atheist Manifesto


In The Atheist Manifesto, Christopher Hitchens presents his case against religion and for mental liberty. Hitchens argues that religion is not merely unnecessary for morality, but actually antithetical to it. In his unwaveringly logical analysis, Hitchens dismantles the moral high ground claimed by religion, and constructs a philosophical platform of rationality, morality, and liberty for all humankind.



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Adrian Davila

Awesome Read, Poor Editing This a short and sweet, capsule version of the same author’s “God is Not Great: How Religion Spoils Everything”, with some updates. It is in a Q&A format with input from a seminar audience. Is Mr. H. a better prose stylist or a better anti-theist? Difficult to say. But clear thinking leads to clear writing, as this brief book proves. Arguments, but more important, real life examples are presented showing the truth of author’s assertions that there is not, cannot be, god. Book is…