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What is my purpose?

The bible itself is the best argument for being an atheist. We don’t even
have to try.


My position is this: There could be a god. We have no way of knowing for
sure. However, considering we know jack shit about the nature of this deity
if it does exist, there’s no point in worshiping it or assigning it
arbitrary made up characteristics. So why worry about it?

Dogma Disputant

Kyle.. are you an agnostic atheist about the existence of Zeus, Hera,
Poseidon, Hades, Ares, Hemes, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Hestia, Demeter,
Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Heracles, Eros, Orpheus, Pandora, Pegasus
and Kerberos as well? What is your position on fairies, gnomes and
leprechauns? Would you say that they didn’t exist or would you prefer to be
PC and say that you’re agnostic about them as well? Come on kyle!


The best argument for atheism should be: If we know that all the other gods
throughout history have been invented by humans, what makes your particular
god any different? If you can’t provide any evidence to support the
existence your god, other than some holy book, then your god is not better
than thousands of other pre-existing made up gods.

Mark Marcus

Kyle, you should rename this video to Atheism 101…..and it should be
worth 3 credit hours lol.

Sucks the video cuts out at the end. I want more!!!


Atheism is normal in Australia… I find it so strange that people have to
“come out” as Atheists in America… Over here it’s almost weird if you go
to Church.


“Best argument for atheism” – this is a fallacious statement in the first
place. Atheism is nothing that needs arguments, since atheism is a
rejection of claims not supported by arguments in the first place.

Jason White

Christian creationists use it too. Their excuse is either god always
existed or that god isn’t bound by the same rules. It’s the art of making
shit up as they go.


The “Infinite Regress” argument is as old as Aristotele, yet believers
still don’t get it.

The Vicatorian

cuts off at the end

Jeenius Foo

Deist are just as retarded as people who believe in a particular religion,
they believe in invisible sky pimps and that makes them just as dumb as the
ones who believe baby Jebus came from a virgin teenager.

Mr. Provocative films

Even though my family is ultra religious. They told me to make my own
decisions and they wouldn’t care if I followed a different religion or
didn’t follow one. They would not care.


*You see this is why I love this channel.* Because there not afraid of
upsetting the religious people. Not like the last channel when I posted a
atheistic comment a guy came up and start lecturing me about religion and
discrimination being useful. But racism and homophobia aren’t

Dakota Andrus

What if God created itself. What if the universe dies out and starts over
again. Maybe God isn’t some living being or physical entity but the
harddrive that created the design of the universe. Maybe a speices became
so advanced it became a single all powerful being that created the big bang


I think Deism is a stepping stone from religion to Atheism… at least it
was for me.

Davey Dogooder

Religion is a mental health issue and should be treated seriously!

Al Acton

Has anyone thought that this “nothing” turning into something is a human
concept? Who says there was a beginning at all?

Eddie Gluskin

and i have been using both these arguments for a long time… they shut up
ALL religious people who dare debate me :)


People who bring up the “look at all the beauty” argument also tend to ignore all the ugly stuff in nature. Everything does NOT come together perfectly like they claim it does. Some people are born with birth defects, a limb doesn’t grow properly, they either have extra or not enough digits on their hands. Some are born with asthma or eczema or some are just born with no immune system at all. That’s not even counting all the dickish things that animals do to each other’s in nature: Ants go to war and enslave each other, chimps will murder… Read more »

Onward Legions!

Well, that ended rather abruptly..

Sarah Szabo

+Secular Talk With regards to the beginning of reality, there are no common
sense answers. Either it was here forever and never had a beginning, was
created with rules somehow (god, arose naturally from nothing), or maybe
something stranger (think quantum mechanics strangeness (it always existed,
and did not exist, it MIGHT exist, reality DOESN’T exist)). Either way,
it’s not intuitive and the answer (if THAT exists?) is probably going to be
an uncomfortable, bumpy ride.

Nickallah Deen

But absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence right? To which I say,
absence of belief isn’t belief of absence. Checkmate christards.


Most probably it was an angry Christian who cut this video short.

Hector Defendi

Hey now… *I’m* a Theist, but I am an on-the-fence Theist (falling towards
the Atheist side), and I am *not* a Christard (I *was* at one time). I am
not ready just yet to say: “A GOD does not exist” yet… Oh, and to end
this in a humorous way… “Fuckin’ bananas. How do they work?” (aimed at
fellow TAA fans) LOL ;)

Łukasz Dehmel

I think, that the biggest problem is that the people are so indoctrinated
they can’t imagine the real default position of a human being in this
world, which is a big fucking “???”.

Genesis Barrios

Well, deists just say “he just always existed” and scientists say “the
universe always existed”. 


Its bad when the segment comes with a disclaimer.
Maybe “god” is an alien being from an ancient and advanced race from some
place other than here or even this galaxy.


To atheists: be nice to deists, they are a lot closer to atheism than
theism. Give them evidence and let them decide for themselves, many will
decide that there is no god eventually.

The Unbeliever

This is what you have to believe 1 – God has always existed for no reason. 2 – God was not created 3 – God has super powers 4 – God created the universe from nothing 5 – God cares about what you eat, what your wear, who you have sex with, etc. 6 – God can stop all the problems in the world, but he won’t do it. 7 – God loves us, but if you don’t believe in him without evidence, you will burn forever 8 – The devil is messing God’s work, but God won’t kill him… Read more »

adam borison

I do often call myself an agnostic atheist, but that is a bit incorrect of
my position. My position is if there is a God we would have proof but if we
can’t prove there isn’t. You can’t prove there is none but you should
certainly be able to prove it if there is one. I don’t know a term for that
at this point.

Anomalous AP

This is a very old argument, I refer you to Carl Sagan’s cosmos, It stuck on me too since the first time I heard it: “If the general picture, however, of a Big Bang followed by an expanding universe is correct – what happened before that? Was the universe devoid of all matter and then the matter suddenly somehow created? How did that happen? In many cultures, a customary answer is that a “God” or “Gods” created the universe out of nothing, but if we wish to pursue this question courageously we must, of course, ask the next question –… Read more »

Grumpy Lutheran

I’m a deist by Mr. K’s definition and most other Christians that I know are also deists by it. We don’t believe Christianity is even close to 100% correct by ANY means. It is one of thousands of belief systems, many of which are ancient and full of many errors, bad translations and poor attempts to explain the unexplainable. Don’t forget there were over 10,000 variations of what we call scripture identified by 1870. The teachings of Christ however stand on their own. Also I don’t believe Mr Kulinski should equate atheists and agnostics which he routinely does. They are… Read more »

Emma Curvian

The Best Argument For Atheism – Science

Ferroneoboron san

There is already a piece of apologism on this called “The Prime Mover”
argument. However, they rest on the current scientific understanding of the
Universe that it hasn’t existed forever in the classical sense and
arbitrarily choose God as the structure/event without precedent. Believers
of the argument seem to either not see an issue with or live in the
absurdity and comfort that the construction of God which they like is that
“uncaused cause”.

TrueAgnostic Visionary

Kyle I’m glad that you finally came out the closet and let everyone know that you are just another Copout Chicken Shit New Atheist (no wonder you such a big Sam Harris lover). First of all true Deist believe in the possibility of a scientific base explanation of a starter/creator/god and as a human species we haven’t reach the level within scientific discoveries and possibilities to get to the point of researching or discovery that theory. Secondly Atheists do make a claim that there is no such thing as a scientific starter or creator of the Big Bang totally base… Read more »

Jordan Mortensen

Some people believe that a god was created by infinitely more powerful
gods. If you use this logic, does that mean humans would be classified as
Gods as well? Its really a dumb argument. But yeah, who the hell created
the God.


A recent study was published that showed the universe did not start with a
Big Bang, it was just around forever. So if the universe was here without a
beginning, why not God. Kyle always brings up this “fallacy” but this is
the least persuasive argument there is. 

Allison Dean

I think you could make a lot more sense of this by relating it to Plato’s two worlds. If you look into it, this philosophy HEAVILY influences many religions, namely, to my knowledge, Christianity. The ‘form of good’ (or God, for all intents and purposes) explains and produces itself, according to Plato. This idea was incorporated into christianity when it was adopted by St. Augustine, so that at least provides some kind of explanation as to why christians take the stance that nothing can get more intricate than God. Not that this validates the stance that they take, I just… Read more »


I agree that this “fallacy of passing the buck” or infinite regress is an issue, but if you have studied Philosophy, you can find way to work around infinite regress. For example, what if God is infinite and has always existed? Just because we only know infinity as an abstract mathematical concept, does not mean it that is cannot rule over time and space. So I don’t think the issue of infinite regress is the MOST convincing argument against theism or for atheism. However, you did touch on a much better argument which is simply the burden of proof. Religion… Read more »

Mike Djali

The problem with the Fallacy of Passing the Buck as an argument is that desists may reply that God is eternal, so he needs no cause. Saying “God needs a cause” requires that the universe needs a cause (for consistency), but saying “the universe doesn’t need a cause” requires that God doesn’t need a cause, if he exists. The response to this is, following an adapted version of St. Thomas Aquinas’ logic about causality (that there must be a first event with no cause e.g. God existing), the first event does not need a cause. Physics tells us that there… Read more »