A Reading By An Atheist – Genesis Chapter 1… – VIDEO


I will read the version as is, word for word, but after reading it, I will also discuss the discrepancies and ask you to think about it.



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peter strand

Nice to encounter a new voice on the side of reason.


Try a better translation, from the people who know the language. It’s better. 😀 http://www.mechon-mamre.org/p/pt/pt0.htm. Some of the problems you see are based upon a fourth generation translation by nonJews of the Jewish Bible while torturing them in public for being heretics. One of the many examples in this chapter alone is “the first day”. This is not in Torah. It says, “one day” or “day one” and “a second day”, “a third day”. The only specific day, “the sixth day” comes on the day man is created. This is the reason the Hebrew calendar begins with Adam and not… Read more »

Courtney Lynn