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Every Atheist I've talked to says they don't want a God even if there was one. I think they like to be the one in control and anything else seems to bother them a lot. That's my conclusion. I am a born again Christian and am growing in Jesus' love everyday. Thank you Jesse for all your work in Christ.

Isaiah James

The flood of Noah was NOT world wide. There is no evidence for a world wide flood. There is evidence for a catastrophic flood that stretched from Egypt to Mesopotamia. The reason why all cultures have the story is because mankind originated in a singular location. The story was passed down regardless of where the people went. The myth of a world wide flood is a result of tradition getting in the way of proper translation. The first incorrect translation occurs with the word "eratz"; which means land, not earth. (Strong's Hebrew: 776, erets) The second incorrect translation occurs with… Read more »

Joseph Neigh

Amen! Good stuff. I've been to the Creation Museum but that was many years ago. I hope to visit the Ark sometime.


I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say "ok God exists". Now tell my why I should believe in your one version of God

guershom gouin

jesse, if u come to Orlando, go to the Holy Land Experience theme park I looks amazing


I think it's possible that there might be a God, but no, I don't know for sure if a God exists or not. Which is why I'm agnostic. You're logic is extremely flawed. If the truth of Christianity was so obvious as you say it is, I'd be a Christian.

Keith Collura

A perfect example of how religion poisons a person. This guy is about as ignorant as they get and proudly teaches his family the same nonsense. Trump supporter too im sure.

Toasty McGrath

The fossil sequence disproves your flood, Jesse.

Ricardo Cunha

This will be very useful. Thank you and God bless you, Jesse.

Okman 8709

@openairoutreach when you say everyone knows there's a god, how? I don't get what u mean by that

Joshua Boquet

amen that is the truth can you tell us about how biblical The Arc is contrast of the Bible

Well at least this one hadn’t swallowed a thesaurus.. so there is that.. What a fucking idiot though… 90% of what he said I could repeat to him almost word perfect to dispute him. It’s just a shame I can’t actually torture him throughout eternity for having glasses as per his scripture.

Actually, the “believers” know deep down the whole god being is a lie. Quoting an ancient book is a magician’s trick of distraction. Where’s “God’s” signature or copyright? Why is your invisible skybeing afraid to show themselves? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.