The Daily Show: A Year After the Parkland Shooting, the Fight for Sensible Gun Control Continues


In the year following the Parkland shooting, there’s been gun control legislation passed, the inevitable pro-gun backlash and some bold shooter-preparedness measures enacted at schools across the country.

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aRaNDoM geko

Chick in the stone man shirt has an ass yo

Trine Langohr

I've been to the US, and seeing normal people on the street run around with guns in their back pockets is absolutely creepy. It makes you think "if this old guy with the moustache snaps, he can kill me within 2 seconds and nobody will be able to stop him."


It's such a joke that teachers and schools need to waste their money and time investing in all these resources which should otherwise have been spent more constructively on actually improving education.

Dirg Ramsey

No mention of Chicago? Wonder why?

normie x

Q: If airlines give discounts to NRA members, how come guns aren't allowed on airplanes?

normie x

Buying guns from the supermarket, bringing them to church, airlines giving discounts to gun nuts, kids having to protest against being massacred while at school….'Merica.

JCmtw Biz

Ik there are machines that can make plastic guns now these days but those are even more expensive to buy then a real gun right so why not these schools gat a gun detectors in the meantime?

Vince wilmifingerdo

Hillary told us about the super predator and how dangerous those black men
Are ,She was rightLook at with this liberal did.Schumer’s to blame to and so is Warren,Kamala Harris and Cory Spartakissasshole, booker,And Bernie Sanders for their nasty rhetoric cause all these people to die thank you democrats for more deaths

David hansen

If you can't buy a gun at 18 and only at 21 then anyone under 21 shouldn't have to be drafted or go to war.

Daniel Skrobut

and i'm sure the pepper spray will in no way be used as punishment for unruly students

ML Feathers

Trevor Noah is brilliant

Daniel Skrobut

btw columbiana's history textbooks feature hw bush as the current sitting president… just saying priorities

Juicy J

Like my man Longinus in far cry said if god is real what gun would he choose


"while is a grocery store selling guns" merica


The night before the one year anniversary the House Judiciary passed #HR8, a bill that would close the federal background checks loophole!Lucy Bathis a gun violence survivor. Her son, Jordan Davis, was shot and killed in 2012. Florida's Rep Ted Deutch was there to stand for the victims of Parkland Florida. Members of Moms Demand Action were also there standing strong for all victims of gunviolence. You can watch this historic moment here as well as the panic that took place by the congress people not in favor of HR8. That of course included FL.Congressman GAETZ!!!: (forward to 10:09:13 to… Read more »

Leroy Worsley

Pepper Spray??!! $1,500??

Professor Liberal Avenger

The Constitution DEMANDS that gun freaks be WELL REGULATED.

Erika Garibay

Allowed guns in church… does this remind anyone of that white terrorist that attacked a church?

Npc 2000

Take the guns away from the blacks and the gun crime rates will drop


Nancy pelosi said the next democratic president could call a national emergency on guns. How about we call one on mental health in this country instead and start lessening the amount of lunatics that want to hurt people. No matter what you think, there are too many guns in this country to get rid of. Even if you went door to door and took every gun you could find, there would still be millions of guns left unaccounted for. There are already background checks on gun purchases in every state and even when you buy online. Every "common sense gun… Read more »