The Daily Show: Back in Black – New Laws Debuting in 2019


Lewis Black highlights some notable new state laws, which include a new marriage age in New Hampshire and a crackdown on emotional support animals in Washington.



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Lewis, I love you – but there are three little words every American child should know how to read, and not just on a computer screen, but in person, should it come to it…'We The People' etc

Carlos Reghis

Fake news. This is beyond reality.

Ann Mal

That's why all my letters to the USA come back. People can't read cursive

edgar rodriguez

Lewis Black for president!!

Celia Lovett

Vermont officially closes each night at 11:00. $10,000.00 incentive but no place fun to spend it. The sad truth is that there are not enough lonely day dwellers in a sparsely populated state with $10,000 of maple syrup in their basements. #NotEnoughPancakes.

Julia Gill

Kids should learn cursive! I hire people all the time who don't even have a signature because all they know how to do is print. And they can't read it either. As long as we have documents, modern or historical, that use cursive then we should teach our kids how to read them.


cool germans are adults witzh 16. ;D
We can drink from that age on, and buy beer.
but we only can drive with 17/18 and vote with 18. Untill then we can drown our sorrow in good beer 😀


Wait a minute, cursive is usually not being taught in USA ? What is the alternative ?
Relying on technology ?

In Lithuania, you start school with cursive and write your finishing exams in cursive. It's so ubiquitous that probably my opinion about teaching it is biased.

What about table of multiplication ?

Ishmael Ali

I'M from Ohio and I learned cursive in 2nd grade

Wicked Amoeba

Seriously, child brides are kind of a problem in the USA. There are a few states that only require parental consent to marry (there are no age requirements). Other states have age restrictions but some of the ages are disturbingly young.In the past, it’s lead to girls having to marry their rapists. There were even some cases of guys essentially buying underage brides from their parents. And some groups (I don’t want to say cults) have even gotten parents to force their kids into a union. It’s kind of fucked up.


The New Laws material is great, but please lose the presenter.

ForTheSakeOf SanityAndSuch

I have an emotional support animal(dog), and even i think taking one on a plane is stupid. You dont NEED it with you EVERYWHERE. If you do, then dont go on trips where a plane is required–you clearly should be worrying about your emotional health issues, not a vacation. This all has gotten so bad that ive stopped taking mine anywhere with me. So now she is just a dog. Emotional support is useless as a title, im not sure what stipulations it owned that varied it from dogs to begin with, because all those i thought it had are… Read more »

Tim Berthold

Cursive absolutely fucked up my handwriting and it took years to undo the damage.

Hawaa Sarwary

In Virginia you have to learn cursive in 3rd grade

bram duprez

fuck you in darksin


He low-key looks like Warren Buffet

P Chan

Wow Ohio marriage age was 13, and now 16? And you are not considered an adult until 18…so child marriage exists by law, mind you, in the most advanced nation – real shame.