The Daily Show: Bernie’s Back, Kamala Gets Questioned, Gillibrand Eats Chicken & Booker Doesn’t


Bernie Sanders announces his 2020 run, Kamala Harris faces questions about when exactly she smoked weed, Kirsten Gillibrand is criticized for being polite, and Cory Booker catches heat for being a vegan.

About The Daily Show:

Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.

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Ariana Khan

the marie kondo line has be rolling! can they win an emmy for one joke?

Armenius X

For Bolshevik Bernie!!!!! Got my vote!!!

Daniel Galan

Let the republicans feel the Bern on the next elections!!!

WorldWatchdogNews USA

"I dont care. I believe Putin" –>

NaoTa MF

what trevor suggests @ 1:10 is almoust swiss style democracy…


can't wait for new Bernie Bad lip reading clips

Douglas Henry

Can you not spread misinformation about Kamala Harris, please? She did not say she smoked and listened to Snoop Dogg or Tupac. Get your facts right if you want to be taken as serious a comedy news show can be. This crap is getting out of hand and annoying, if you don't want her to run, just say so and move on.

Here are real sources:
1.) From the Breakfast Club:

2.) From the Breakfast Club MSNBC Interview:


She wanted to make sure Kiki still loved her after that chicken

Ouzy 360

Meat rationing ?

Ana De la Cruz

Fox News is the definition of crazy. I don't think that anyone slightly intelligent could seriously watch their shows.

Michael Gamboa

Haha what a joke


Kampala probably lied about when she smoked she was probably smoking during the times when Tupac and snoop were out. But for politics she probably just said when she was in school as that is a time of experimentation and probably more excepted


He’s too old


Don't get me wrong, I love Trevor, but I'd pay good money to see Jon Stewart cover Vegangeddon

A Bowl of Miso Udon

I smoked weed in the 70s with Lil Pump and Kanye

C Lockett

1:53 she started of trying to be sophisticated with the fork and knife trying to eat finger food without her fingers like Trump did on air Force one. When she got a taste of it the south (country) mentality came out and she went to grab it with her hands but stopped because she remembered she was being recorded and asked what she should do. No respect lost for her from a south west Louisiana resident. Don't Trump the chicken, eat the chicken.


bust their balls, Bernie!


Daily show giving Kamala Harris another pass, when she is clearly a liar and a power hungry hawk. Yeah Daily Show- you’ve chosen your favorite and you’re making sure you choose it for everyone too.

Milton Hackett

This fool got caught stealing from his own donors ! His wife got fired from her job for stealing ! This fool hacked the DNC ! This fool hacked kkkillarys campaign !

minh ha

I think kamala harris is an Oreo's.