The Daily Show: Colin Quinn – Calling for the Breakup of America in “Red State Blue State”


Colin Quinn explains the rationale behind his proposal to split up the United States and why his new show seems to appeal to people on both sides of the aisle.

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We are all complicit. Exactly. The words may be different, but the delivery is the same. We're all veering too close to being like trump.

Sani Stielia

God this guy had a stroke. Wonder why? I have to stop to watch Trumpies. Please alert me after Muller finally does it. Or on nov 2020.

Scott V

Todd Barry throwing darts at a board with Colin's face


Global problems require global solutions: I’d start with a Tobin tax and shutting down all tax havens. Also: Government should be able to break up monopolies, it has been done before and should be done again: either Amazon and the big tech companies start paying taxes and paying fair wages, or they should be shattered into pieces. The concentration of influence and wealth is just perverse – and I’m not even speaking of individuals or families yet, I’d start with the big corporations. – Watch Chris Hedges speak: the corporations already have taken over power. Still breaking up states /… Read more »

Sora 4 Smash

This guy is not very funny sounds like a douche


I guess we can take out the "United" states….to see the blood shed even to this day for democracy, freedom and unity which is the strength of this country to be challenged to tribalism is scary. We are better than this and the ones that disagree with the liberty, freedom and justice for all men should move to Russia because that's the only win Puttin deserve.

Eric Michels

Perhaps it's time for states to rethink the whole idea of union.


The red states are big economic drag on the blue states. And the red states don't want socialism. So let's just split up and watch the red states implode since that is obviously what they really want. They sure have been voting for that for a long time.

Richard Dominguez

Colin is so right …. "We are all complicit"

Judy Chaidez-Gonzalez

We knew this was coming? We need to make sure we act not fold.

Patricia M

Time to choke off federal taxes to toxic DC sewer. The states need to step up and take back decision making in their own states. Washington DC is not even a part of the United States and it shows in how our "representatives" do NOT represent constituents.