The Daily Show: CP Time: Black Christmas


Roy Wood Jr. looks back at the racially charged history of “Jingle Bells,” America’s first black mall Santa and the lack of toys geared toward black children.



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The true in jokes. I love it. One day we will look at history…maybe.

Mpho Pilson

I thought Christmas was to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Dee McIntyre

Keyed the one-horse open sleigh for justice….I hollered….lol

Drew Manupupule

Mr. Chompy chomp!!! hhahahaha epic .. that was super funny


Shit someone please show this to the good brother Cornel West im sure hed laugh his ass off.


for real….too much crying over racism and bringing it up. i get it already. racism will never go away if we use it to complain about the past over and over. lets focus on NOW. there is racism going on now and other issues.

Large Soda

I dislike Christmas Music. I'd rather play Astroworld in front of my family and relatives in christmas dinner.


Love the tie

Mel Bowen

Mr chompy chomp lol

Blasted Blasted

The real reason we celebrate Christmas is Santa?

Azzy Xec

When he said, kids like any toy we give em, I thought he going to say it cuz kids are not racist


can we have an episode of CP time with ronny chieng discuss the asian american history?

Concrete Lightbulb

Dammit, they forgot to put up the name of his website!!! I really want that CD!


cp time, 4the culture of christmas

Jack Bjorn Wulf

I can see the Townsfolk with the Pitchforks and Torches already.

Freedomo Speech

Oh my God I'm putting googly eyes on my stapler at work and calling it Mr. Chompy Chomp

Mercy H

My humor must be off because I didn't find any of this funny. I was waiting for it to get there but it never did!

Barsenthor Battlemaster

Anyone else have relatives like Roy’s sister at the holidays?

Takiyah Walker

Mr. Chompy Chomp XD

Pillow Botanical Mist

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