The Daily Show: Fake Melania, Tim Apple & Trump’s Six Degrees of Corruption


Trump defends calling Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple,” suspicions of a fake Melania resurface, and connections are made between the president and the massage parlor owner at the center of Robert Kraft’s prostitution ring scandal.

About The Daily Show:
Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.

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Shane B.

RIP Steve Apple.

Duncan Walker

Being kind to Donald, that's a new

Dom Trussardi

– Sociopathy
– Psychopathy
– Histronic Disorder
– Dementia
– What's next for Trump?! Stay tuned!


Creepy donald smell

Derek Wolford

Trever hates whites.

keller blair

Melania has fucked Donald Trump let that sink in

Raghav Ravichandar

Of all the talk shows, Trevor has become the clear #1


Orchids of Asia day spa in Jupiter Florida is across the street from my condo and 2 doors down from the doctor's office where I worked for several years. The spa had been giving happy ending and more for over a decade– just bc Trump didn't get caught in the week they set up a sting to raid a bunch of these prostitution rings, doesn't mean he didn't frequent them in the last decade!

Pixie Fairy

Trump is so medieval he names people following medieval methods.


That is a very good Video please have a Look on my Channel


Trumo is the Kevin Bacon of corruption!

Jakob Diamond

"So me think, why waste time say lot word, when few word do trick" – Donald Trump

Emanuel P.

I was wondering what happened.
Glad your back Noah .