The Daily Show: Here’s What Will Happen if Trump Declares a State of Emergency


Trump threatens to declare a national emergency in order to get his border wall built, which would give him the power to shut down communications facilities, freeze bank accounts and deploy the military domestically.



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How the ****

As an outsider when I think about America, i think about a realy dumb authoritarian ruling. You are just lucky he is retarded

Robert Encarnacion

so i don't get it, when they have the majority ( Rep) on the house. why didn't get the miney for the frickin wall

Jolene Holt

Stupid Terry Moran from ABC, why the F*** did you have to mention declaring a State of Emergency?

The Southern Gentleman

So we have this comedian trying to convince the American public that Mr Trump doesn't know what he is doing. I don't think this guy knows what he is talking about at all. So will this guy take in these illegals and feed them? Our economy going down into the dumps because of the 10 or 11 million taking advantage of the welfare system we have in place. Those people are get more money for free and a place to stay that our regular workers that are working 40 hours or more weekly to accomplish. And this comedian wants more… Read more »

Gregory Wright

Wait so if this dude dose this he can turn off porn!?

RIco So

All these school and church shootings need walls from all these illegal aliens shooters?


Well then open gov and declare emergency you fucking twat, do it, pussy…

Spencer Bento

“The US will be reorganized into the first World Empire! For a safe and secure society!” Trump = Palpatine


Why is it always a sexual joke in here? Lazy

Wonder Granny

Don't quit your day job, Trevor. You sound like a 15 yr old kid.

n. p.

Didn't he declare the latest migrant caravan a state of emergency? And that was erased from the news cycle the moment everyone realized they were just peaceful asylum seekers and economic migrants.

Humberto Macias

I found a way to pay for THE WALL
Give Trump his 5.6 Billion dollars. According to Trump, this WALL will be 100% effective. We have 20,000 border patrol agent with an annual salary of $94,600 per year. Since The Wall will stop all crime coming thru, Trump must layoff at least 10,000 border patrol agents and in six years time, The Wall will pay for itself and we the taxpayers, don't have to pay extra taxes…

Che M.

Anyone surprised that Trevor didn't say the stain on the Constitution was semen?

Beth Bartlett

Am I the only one that is like –
DT was last years News Comedy – Can we pick a New Guy and move on –

He just has to G-O !

40Dogg reid

That was scary and funny. I don't know what to think…fuck!!..LOL

Jason Howell

Im still trying to figure out why he hasn't been impeached and imprisoned yet.


You voted for Trump? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,, WOO HOO,,, LOL LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Damn, how F'n stupid can you get.


Trump repeatedly said:

The Wall will be effective.
Mexico will pay for it.

Now he shuts down the government, because the facts behind this are getting in his way and he sold the whole thing based on lies. And yet, some people still see the issue with the democrats here?

Thanmay Naz

I love your comedy Trevor Noah ..but illegal immigration is a serious thing that needs to be taken into….the people who are illegally crossing the border might not be a friend of America mind that…then again if America continues to allow this to happen ..then the world will know of several gateways of easy entry to America…people who are under surveillance of the us government ..btw I mean hight profile Islamic jihadists leaders from different Muslim nation who will probably be stopped at the airport can simply go to Mexico and then illegally cross the us border ..and if these… Read more »


Ceding to the demands of an authoritarian will only allow him to gain more control without reasonable restraints since it'll set a precedent.

Even as a joke it's a bad one, Trevor.