The Daily Show: Jaboukie Young-White Makes the Case for Climate Change “Preparations”


If older generations aren’t going to help in the fight against climate change, Jaboukie Young-White thinks they should at least have to pay young people for their trouble.

About The Daily Show:
Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.

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Jaboukie's sarcasm speaks to my soul

tony plow

TDS, The Daily Show

tony plow

The Daily Show is CNN, just less funny!

Photo Library

Thanks for bailing on the comedy show I payed good money on you

Bushy Bryant

The kid deserves his own show he funny

Miguel Jimenez

I don’t think I’ll ever find this little gay person funny.

Crushi! Official Music and Video Channel

Always ahead ahead ahead ahead of it's time.


I hate jaboukie


Don't worry, climate change is fake news. The 'polar vortex' never happened. The storms that devastated the East coast and Puerto Rico were your imagination. All is well…


The look on Trevor's face when Jaboukie calls him old is just hilarious…

good vibes queen

Get an associates degree. Student loan debt is insane.

Jusbert Meza

Why do i not like this guy? I always liked just about all Daily Show Correspondence but i don't like him

Thomas Moeller

Example of Gen Z at its finest.

Experimentando en la cocina

I'm really impressed with the writer(s) of this bit.


climate change happens even before industrial revolution, thats a fact.

Amber Spath

I love Jaboukie

Kim B

this is a circular argument; every generation leaves the world a bit worse


This kid is super trash. I dont think he needs to be on the show.

Hana nouch

I love this show… but I really dislike this character tbh.
Too lazy, too self-centered, too annoying… I don't really like this

But of course what he says makes sense, and the segment was interested

Epiphany Johnican

I see Jaboukie, I click.


im kind of in love with jaboukie.

Thrustin Von Helmut

I get it, Daily Show wants to be woke and hire a LBGT+ comic. Find a good one as Jaboukie is weak sauce.


Utter nonsense!!!