The Daily Show: Kamala Harris – How to Fix Policing and Criminal Justice in America


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris explains why she became a prosecutor and how she reconciles her record with her plan for criminal justice reform.

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Byron Box

YOOO me and Trevor share the same birthday!!

Henrick Neuwirth

Just like how you prosecuted the officer that murder Oscar Grant? Or any of those after? Rest in Power Oscar Grant

Aaron Carson

But the Sanskrit name Kamala would be pronounced "come-lah".

skeptic tank

This should be fun. Two of the most annoying people in America chatting. I can't wait

Nasia the chocolate neko

Thank God everyone is seeing through her bullshit

Blackprince Mitzrayim

I wouldn’t trust Bernie no reparations no black vote

Mark Hollingsworth

Look out folks she's courting AIPAC..she cares more about Israel than you!

Alex Tikh

She lacks substance. I wish Jordan Peterson would run. Greetings from Russia.


“Show me who you love, and I’ll show you who you are.”

Donald Phillips

Fluff much???

Jaannet zenitram

When are we going to see you interview Bernie

Tiniest Violin

She didn’t answer the question. There’s nothing genuine about her.

IK Rico

I so much want Kamala Harris to prove her meddle…I will keep watching, reading and listening.

King Khan

I’d Trump like you, it means you are not telling the truth. He doesn’t like truth lol

King Khan

I hope they will invite Bernie as well.

Ask Me


kamala failed her and her family on her watch

Khrashing Phantom

Bernie Sanders POTUS
Kamala Harris VPOTUS
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as SOTH.

Jejuan Kisino

Nobody is voting for her. She fake as hell.


8:25 she hijacked the interview
That right there makes me.not trust her. Goodbye

Einsame M


Pretty please?


I'm so tired of her rambling. She's already failed the first hurdle spectacularly by lying fluently about the most trivial thing. Hillary keeps hot sauce in her bag. Remember her?
FACT: Kamala Harris takes dirty corporate cash. That's all that really matters here.
But it's starting to look to me like the DNC has already chosen her to be the democratic nominee just as they chose Hillary. Again, the corporate choice.
Why would I choose her when ideologically, Bernard Sanders has been exactly as he is now, his entire life? As an option he's basically flawless.


We need to start slapping ratios on these kamala interviews because I am fucking tired of hearing from the cop who arrests innocent parents.