The Daily Show: Marc Mauer – Tackling Criminal Justice Reform with The Sentencing Project


Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project and co-author of “The Meaning of Life,” explains how getting rid of life sentences would be better for society.

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Christopher Prentice

But he didn't really answer about capital crimes. Yes, if you steal a car, you shouldn't be in prison for 20 years. But if you actually kill someone… Does Europe really only sentence 20 years? for murder? My puritan upbringing and my more liberal "now" self argue – but it seems to me, "murder" needs a serious punishment, much more than 20 years.

Ritz Kola

1. All crimes should have a set time to be served- if convicted. To prevent white privilege and Black oppression in courtrooms. 2. Most crimes should not have sentences over 10 years. Aside from murder, rape, child molestation and hate crimes. 3. Protective Custody should be abolished. Murder already takes place in prison it’s unfair to protect one person over another. Or, a complete overhaul. Where instead of prison- depending on the crime, the family of the victim has a certain amount of punishment they’re allowed to reciprocate to the perpetrator: in an allotted time period. If I murder someone’s… Read more »


The corrupt USA Capitalist system is to blame for poor people becoming criminals. The USA has the Highest poverty rate of all the developed nations because the Cronies Corrupt Shyster Capitalist system makes sure slaves born into poverty STAY in poverty. The CORRUPT USA Over-taxes the slaves and underpays the slaves while letting the super wealthy to profit off the slaves. The corrupt Christian gov refuses to provide the BASIC needs to SURVIVE. Basic needs to survive: Clean water, food and shelter. All the developed socialist countries have much lower poverty than the Cronies Corrupt Shyster Capitalist USA, because the… Read more »

Elvia Giron

Té recuerda tu perra madre o tú hija sí tiene si ni.aeso tegas por críticas dé tú próji mo por eso telodebuebo que no vales nada tú y él presidente trompa lo testificó con su divino poder dé nuestro señor Jesucristo porque lo qué digo lo sostengo que son delincuentes robo entidad

Ed ash

Find 200,000 MORE jobs in the USA..

Kristina Jakakas

What about those who rape babies??? Should we add a society "grow" out of their crimes???… Crimes like sexual crimes, are dune by people who reoffend…. Not keeping people who are dangerous away from society is a stupid idea…. This guy… I understand non violent non sexual crimes,,, yes we need to fix all that… But prisons should be made for people who commit hideous sexual assault and murders,,, we need an answer but let's leave this guy out of the convo…. He sux

Patty J. Ayers

For anybody who cares about crimunal justice and prison reform, I recommend the podcast “Ear Hustle”!


Ageing out of crime? I seem to remember 60+ people and certainly 50+ people committing murder. Unless I am mistaken?


The For Profit Prison System is the icing on the cake of the corrupt, racist and sexist law enforcement system. Getting rid of the For Profit Prison System is the first step in de-incentivizing the corruption. Ending the extortionist Bail System which puts many innocent people in jails for years simply because they are too poor to bail out is another. As to the police brutality and police frame jobs of innocent people, or the so-called "War on Drugs", they all feed the profit margins of this system. Everyone knows this, but there must be the will to stop it.… Read more »

stephanie tyson

I never thought about that especially non-violent crimes your more likely to be commit crimes when your younger.