The Daily Show: Martin Luther King Jr.: Not Just an Excuse for a Mattress Sale


Trevor and Dulcé Sloan discuss why Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t fit into any one box and how his historical observance has turned into a commercialized, whitewashed holiday.

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Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.

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1:05 Those earrings are amazing.

T Johnson

She blew it bringing up his alleged affairs, just trying to be funny. Disappointed and Disgusted.


When is she going get her own show?

Roberto Chavez

May God have MLK in heaven!!!

Someguy Anonymous

"if more people knew that fighting for civil rights could get you laid.." haha what do you think why these ultra feminist or vegan males exist, just to name two examples of men trying everything to get laid. And theres looots of guys out there that will do ridiculous things just to get women to like them..


hi dolce sweet she is

Bobby Collins

um… i think i'm liking Dulcé Sloan a lot……….. less. I mean, that statement about two bdays? The audience hardly uttered a response. How old is Dulcé Sloan? This kind of joke is really getting old Dulcé. It seems to be your, kind of, signature… hmm…

teetee tee

I would love to know the name(s) of the writer(s) in this bit. Humorous and peaceful, the most important that it's true. The truth is in short supply in the current climate.

King Yogi

Don’t ever compare Martin Luther king to that dumbass orange face Cheeto that dude trippin

Aurora Hurtado

Dulceee you are the fucking best!

Roy van der Laan

trevor noah is a dick

Tucker Bowen

"our heroes aren't perfect, they're people"
what, is that supposed to make us feel better? what are people if not the single purest form of evil in existence?

mariel ramirez

I like her so much

Madness by Design

Dulce Sloan always cuts to the heart of it… 🙂

Audi Vet

Lmao MLK would never hit that… He's got class

Dirt Dog

I heard Popeyes and KFC are having a sale on chicken as well


Need more Dulce and Amber.

Nia Pgn

What even are you talking about Pence

BNAMusic88 _

#NeverForget he was murder for wanting equality.


There's 666 comments and I don't want to ruin that, but someone will, so I might as well be the one.

Shayma Hussain

Our heroes are not perfect
Our heroes are people

Caleb Clunie
Dulce, bringing that sexy joke upside the head. Mmmm.
Gotta love it!

Chris !

The REAL Dr. King was white. Like Jesus.
Read your history folks!


Just Curious: Why does Trump keep retweeting women who look like Ivanka? Is he mad she's in bed with China and not with him?

Naomi Meme

Pence looks like he can’t breathe
White people wanna use mlk to endorse their back wards ideals meanwhile he was against it all