The Daily Show: Mo Amer – Enduring a Long Road to U.S. Citizenship in “The Vagabond”


Comedian Mo Amer talks about coming to the U.S. as a refugee from Kuwait, traveling in and out of the country without a passport and the time he wound up sitting next to Eric Trump.

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Average Awesome

I can’t tell if the back of his jacket is red or is wearing a cape. Not many could rock a cape

Zohair Naqvi

mo should be the new hassan of the show

Share Data

Denaturalization Task Force

Marvia Laurence

This is a fun interview


Japan was the worst for me, I was 16 and a US citizen traveling with my little brother to visit our dad in the is army in Korea. I get pulled aside and questioned for a almost an hour. I'm a tan Hispanic, with a kinda Arab first name

Joshua Malloy

He opened for Dave Chappell when they came to Pittsburgh. Super funny guy.

Brian Thomas

Watched this whole thing thinking this was dj Khalid. 0/10 would not do again

munsif farook

Correction, refugee from Palestine…. who lived in Kuwait

Al SKmr

Do you know Kuwait lots of people slave imigrants from Africa? An Emirates; women from Africa (Gahan) for example, that go to work have their passports hold and they are treated as slaves and mistreated and burned alive and supper all kinds of abuse?

Gerardo Resendiz

Are we mexicans have it easy or what 3 years you can become us citizen

Shannon Wiggins

He seems really funny. I will watch his special


20 year process….

Gerardo Resendiz

he can pass as a Mexican American lol

Aurora Hurtado

Lmfao loved him

Samuel Fakiyesi

From Alief too wow that’s cool af Beyoncé to

Patricia Garcia

Yes we need more comedians like more amer. He is very smart, funny and damn good looking.


you know there is something seriously wrong with many Americans when 72 people disliked this video!? I am 100% sure the dislikes weren't because they didn't find the video funny.

DrBraxy Gilkey

Mo Amer's comedy special had me literally gasping for breath. I laughed so hard that at one point, I had to pause it and use my inhaler. Dude is FUNNY!!!!!


Funny how it's written he is a refugee from Kuwait to avert blame from a certain "country"… No he is not from Kuwait..His family fled from Palestine TO Kuwait as refugees because of a certain "country" that the US blindly supports who can do no wrong and are all 100% perfect and anything they do or want is theirs no matter how messed up it is decided to invade and take his country by force and handled to this day with injustice…then while his family was in Kuwait… Iraq decided to invade Kuwait thus forcing his family to move and… Read more »


What's funny is that in my language Amer is a slang for American… Like Yank!

Emmanuel Ewusi

he kinda looks like Dj Khaled


Watched this muslim pig's standup – boring as hell. Don't waste your time.


Mo is freaking funny, but he said most of these jokes in his comedy special.

Wisam Zaqoot

Recruit him in daily show

Kodjo Swole

It took me 10 years to get mines my citizenship. It's really tough out here folks.