The Daily Show Rewind: Transgender Veterans React to Trump’s Trans Military Ban


In 2017, transgender veterans Jennifer Marie Long and Joey Whimple visited The Daily Show to debunk the Trump administration’s arguments that allowing transgender people to serve in the military is costly and distracting.



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Desiree Cowling

I do appreciate this video but every time they showed the side of Trevor's face all I could see was where his foundation stopped. His makeup artist needs to pull it down the neck lol.


I remember the time when Americans where throwing garbage at transgender people on tv. I was only a kid then but that was awful for me to se. I believed then that the Americans where after like Russia in this type of acceptance.

A meme Kiwi

The problem is that if transgenders are a bunch emotional snowballs and hate the country, you probably shouldn’t serve. Especially if you aren’t reliable by your comrades in combat. If you “literally can’t even” during combat, you shouldn’t be in the military. I had a friend who served with a trans person who was an emotional wreck most of the time and they had to be removed because you cannot be like that in the military. I understand that they aren’t all like that, but when most of them are like that already, then they should be removed.

Brewin Quinto

I’d bet Trump wouldn’t have any problem with transgenders serving in the military if the only person that stood between him and the enemy was a transgender.

Kelly Stephenson

Coming from a man(Trump) who did everything he could to avoid service, it's pretty laughable and insulting.

Brandon Zuniga

Sexual orientation should not be an inpediment to serve, but the military's purpose ia not to help individual transition. The military's objective is to win war. Anything that gets in the way ahould not be allow. People with asthma or a low iq are not allow to serve either.

fred sims

It's all Obama's fault


Gang members and literal psychopaths work in the military.
Why do they care if trannies go into the military?


I may interpret too much into this but… The military goes into battle (meaning all kinds of ways to protect their country) for their country. Therefore the military is kind of a representation of all the people living in that country they are fighting for, right? So to represent all people shouldn´t ALL people be able to represent/protect their country?In my opinion there is a serious deeper issue here. This is open discrimination of certain "kinds" of people. By banning – in this case Transgender – certain "kinds" of people from the military for me is equal of banning them… Read more »

parul prakassh

Trump might not make America great , but he will sure as hell will make America backward

Danny C

Take a shot every time she says "you know"


I appreciate how this video was region locked. Thankfully with the powers of a vpn, I can watch this video from Canada.

Boris The Soviet Love-Hammer

Trump is a narcissist. He doesn't care about this issue in any way because it doesn't affect him. It's either a distraction or meant to appeal to his base. %100 politically motivated.