The Daily Show: Ronny Chieng’s Oscar Snub


Ronny Chieng gives the Academy a piece of his mind after his performance in “Crazy Rich Asians” was overlooked in the Best Supporting Actor category.

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Steve vs Sam award


We are all the same, stop making a trend about what races are and do. Or not it migth seem like the dark color skin are wanting attencion in beeing recognice like a better person because of nominees, spanish people ,asian people are all the same. stop making a race-race a trend to get people missleaded and hyped.

Pristine Parr

Ronny be goin off! He is so funny

Monterrio Alexander

spike's first nom for best director! that's insane!


black panther was undiserving … to be honest it was one the most over hyped average shit that became a hit…. blackkansman was masterpiece …. black panther was eh… just because black people wanted to see a black privalaged guy it become something it shouldn't be creed was the masterpiece ryan should known for not that boring movie …

Misty Rae

This guy. Is great. Love crazy rich Asians!!!

John M

He's NOT actually from Malaysia…..I know this because he didn't say, "I'm a Chinese man from Malaysia la"….. He definitely did NOT say the "la" thing…… #notFROMmalaysiaLA 😛


Hope your show gets canceled. Youre boring.

inside speachless
Twilight Gardens presentations

Ha I call kylo whiny vader

Schoppe Petzer

So, the obvious question nobody dares to ask: were they nominated because they are excellent or because someone tried to satisfy a quota and not piss off the SJWs? 🙂


Crazy rich Asians was great and all but I don't think a romcom will ever be nominated for best picture.

Ariel Steinsaltz

I know this was a joke but that movie was totally snubbed in the nominations. Nothing for costume design, even?

Sentinel Randy

THE CHINESE STALLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abin joseph

indian here, oscars should support brilliant acting not diversity,

dont add more sugar to the coffe, cause its feeling, but add for taste in the right way