The Daily Show: Russia Slides Into Americans’ DMs to Suppress the Black Vote…


Russian trolls are revealed to have carried out aggressive operations specifically meant to convince African-Americans to vote in Donald Trump’s favor during the 2016 elections, and Dulcé Sloan gives her take on Russia’s efforts to court black voters.

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WarriorGoddess Yaa Asantewaa

That Migos joke was hilarious! lol

Tyrone Cunningham

This girl is a gem. We need more of her.

The End Begins

I voted for Jill Stien because she was for universal healthcare, free college and student loan forgiveness. Jill Stien wasn't a Goldwater girl and she never called my sons super predators. The clintons deliberately attempted to destroy my people, 3 strikes, life sentences for crack, (that they pushed and sold in communities) Mena AK, but, probation for cocaine, jail for nonpayment of debt. Clinton's are to thank for that.

Muna Shifa

at least they are not lying about the problems black people facing in America. try to solve the problems instead of crying all the time that Russa is influencing our elections.

Jaime Jimenez

This is crazy. I can't believe us as Americans fell for the Russian propaganda. Russia said vote Trump and people just did it. What's gonna happen in 2020?! All the famous celebrities are going to tell us to vote democrat?! They'll all tweet and tell us how to vote?! Beyoncé will basically campaign for a democrat and tell all black people who to vote for?!?! Ok I might be reaching on that last one that would never happen….


Actually the michael jackson meme is correct, what has voting done??, we now have a terrorist in chief, are still being hung, shot down like animals and slaves saying vote and join the military of your massa and then we will shoot you in the back while in the malls of america!!!

earth ocean

The Clinton's reviled the WAR on crime which is highly discriminatory, unequally targeting and incarcerating poor, non-white people! No one screwed Hillary – not the Russians – she screwed herself by being irreparably CORRUPT.

Josia Wiegand

That was hilarious! She stayed it absolutely 😀

The French Bastard

the démocrats really shud take a few lesons into how to run a campagne from the russians
but I guess they prefer loosing since that is what they are payed to do
even wen they win they do everything they can to fufill the campagne promesses of there opponent's except for the racist part's