The Daily Show: Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings


Michael Kosta heads to Switzerland to find out how the country can have so many guns without having a mass shooting crisis like the United States.



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Bad St0rmtrooper

Smh you can’t just walk into a Walmart and buy a gun

Eric Kruckenberg

Treat firearms like vehicles. If I can't drive an 18 wheeler with a standard license why should I be able to own a pistol, shotgun, long rifle, assault rifle, etc.


America society is depressing and chaotic that's why.

Hunter Wilson

Um no it takes about a week to buy a gun unless you have a concealed weapons permit or military or Hunter safety.


Am I the only one that thinks this wasn't really funny?

Lasse Anttila

Weird to have a finn tell about swiss gun culture and then calling him Thor.

Gabriel Bulhões

Well to be fair statistically gun owners in america are responsible

Riccardo Servello

Fun Fact : When Napolein Disarmed us Swiss People we had a little Civil War with Stick and Stones, it lasted few days and we had minimum Casualitys. That pretty mutch the last War we fought.

Happy One

The United States is held back in changing for the better due to the white (frequently liberal) people longing for their "superior" European roots, constantly bashing America and boasting about how much better Europe is. They find Europe trendy and will find any opportunity to shit in their own nest. Especially the younger/my generation. This lack of national integrity and any sort of patriotism is putting the fabric of the American society at huge risk. Trump's election was a backlash against these trends and in itself endangered the democratic order of our political system. After living in Europe for 5… Read more »

The gaming crew

Im from Malta we have loads of guns but all the shootings we get are small shootings where not more than 1 man is hurt every couple of months no mass shootings

Andrew King

It's because there's less people in Switzerland who can snap and less people in public places to shoot up. Unless there's a genocide of A LOT of American people, our gun problem will stay right where it is.

BossTwin :D

Work cited for the 1900 mass shootings?

Will Underhill

so many guns??? 2 million is pretty low, if you think about how there's 300 million people in america and almost as many guns.

1000 subs with no videos

I don’t like this documentary because it makes legal gun owners like myself look bad. I can’t change the criminals mind but why should I be punished for their wrong doing.

Jean-Claude Francois Baroud de la Lombardiere

Some people commenting here have obviously not been to Switzerland or informed themselves about it ? Trouble with (American ?) media is they have a tendency to oversimplify and bullshit a lot of stuff, whatever their political orientation. No Switzerland is not perfect, yes we have our own problems, but also yes: we're not complete morons.

For those wondering why we don't "love" our guns, when you've carried that FASS90 for hundreds of miles for a year, you sort of fucking hate that thing a little =) !

Damien Alexander

This 'bit' can go fuck itself. What's your real agenda here…. I wonder.

K. Chris Caldwell

"Switzerland: So Many Guns, No Mass Shootings"

Of course, Switzerland is where the Khazarians keep what they plunder from America, and the the rest of the West. No need, yet, for the Khazarians to turn Switzerland society upside down.

But one day they too will get the treatment that, say, Sweden, is getting:

One is not a true American until resident in the ADL´s database.