The Daily Show: Switzerland’s Responsible Gun Nuts Pt. 2


Michael Kosta heads to the world’s largest annual shooting festival to find out how Switzerland can love guns so much yet have such a low rate of gun-related crimes.



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Akmal Ibrahim

This is what most leftists are for yet the right wing gun nuts keep scaring themselves with "They're gonna take away mah guns!"

Weegez NY

You and your show SUCKS!


I mean we should also not forget that the reason it’s safe in Switzerland is because they aren’t a bunch of moronic and crazy people

Brandon Davidson

Seriously, that is awesome. And it's an even better example than Australia or Japan, who both banned most types of guns a long time ago. Switzerland lets you have any weaponry you want but with 100 different regulations and laws.

Sheriff Darkskin

I hope every American come across this one way or the other. This is pure gold!

Nema Billings

I do not know if you can compare a country who takes care and treasures it’s people and citizens to a country that is divided by hate racism and class! So when we get rid of the those fractures and start teaching love and tolerance and accept people and cultures maybe it will not be reasons for people to feel like that have to walk around with defense tools and mass shootings probably would stop

Mauro Morini

Haha im swiss and have my military rifle at home, theres simpy no problem because of our culture, in contrast to america we respect guns a lot. We get pumped with safety, while america doesn't

Peppe Ddu

Switzerland: Guns must be unloaded when not in use.
The NRA: Bad guys don't follow the rules.
America: 30,000 deaths/year
Switzerland: 0

Andrew Nash

They make it sound like Americans are unsafe. Just because there are a lot of idiots and criminals in the U.S. doesn't mean than there isn't a very safe and sane gun culture. It accounts for the majority of firearm owners.

MMB628 Jr

America isn't that grounded… America is a cornucopia- Unfortunately Respect for arms isn't part of American culture. Hopefully one day it will be for the continent… or at least my part of it.. until then, if my neighbor has arms and mal intentions.. then being armed is Just

Jacob Lurman

I appreciate the message but be careful not to idealize Switzerland. Our society is rotten to the core with racism and ignorance, just like yours. Also, we don't have presidents.

david boat

Guns and beers, sure sounds like the true American dream

Henry Alfaro

Jaja i read the comments and looks like no one understands It not the Gun Control is the People, here the people are not CRAZY !!! That's it very simple!!!!
Not CRAZY because :
Eat healthier
No stupid TV
Schools actually teach
Self Awareness!!
And the weather of course.
By the way DIRECT democracy doesn't work when you have crazy stupid citizens

Lucas Gonzalez

I'm from Switzerland and @03:11 i pissed myself laughing

Danish Hariz

"How many accidents do you have?"


As far as i understood, Switzerland has a rich history of having and using guns. They were even considered to be the best shooters, back when guns were used in the military for the first time. There is this legendary story about a swiss general who was facing a german kaiser (dont hang me on the specifics, I just heared this story) who was about to invade Switzerland with twice as many soldiers as Switzerland had. Before the invasion, at a meeting between those two, the kaiser asked the swiss general "What are you gonna do? You would have no… Read more »


An important difference that isn't mentioned here is that Switzerland has very few black people. A huge portion of gun crime in the U.S. is carried out by blacks. Crime statistics bear this out.
So, culture is a very big part of this. It isn't just government policy that brings about a majority fire arm owning population that is also very nonviolent.

John Marston

Simple actually training and respect goes a long way. Too bad we raise fuckig cowboys


I have only one gun