The Daily Show: The Government Shutdown and Trump’s Escalating Wall Gambit


As Trump’s border wall demands prolong the government shutdown, national parks and federal employees both suffer, and Michael Kosta steps up to make things a little better.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.



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Dap 99 Neo

Someone Shot this Trump guy… OMG, you Dont have brain You American

Christian Burns

Democrats will be the death of us all.


Being a farmer in America must be seriously stressing, I feel badly for them.


Ya know this is the same type of stuff pol pot said about the Cambodian genocide for some perspective…

Ling-Ling Gutierrez von Wallenstein IV

I don’t give no more shits if Trump supporters feel the pain. They are the reason for all this crap.

Ling-Ling Gutierrez von Wallenstein IV

Thanks Trump for making America really look third world.

Armando O.


TK Smith

Is it true 2 millions coming to border over next 2 years? Per immigrantion attorney in Mexico.. Troops sent into Africa ? Air strikes in venzu?..Russia building air strip off coast ?..what is going on?

Zico zico

So stupid to joke with the name of the Lord and even use the F word along it. Shame on you.

Richie Rich

activating my white privilege!!!

zaira vega

666 dislikes lol


Good job Mr. President…keep going. Who is saying this?? Besides himself and the people that are so far up his ass they are now officially pieces of shit. He'd rather completely destroy our economy and save face/ego than actually do the right thing? The guy is completely out of control and we are all paying for it.

steven smith

6:00 i wouldn't test that theory if i were him. I Guarantee that those government employees Definitely have some things they want to say to him. But i doubt he would like what they have to say.

steven smith

If trumps bullshit means that people won't get their checks and foodstamps anymore. Trump might find himself out of office sooner than he expected.

Connor Astran

So is anyone else wondering how long it’s gonna take before riots start

Luthien Seldomane

Those of you who voted for Trump? This is on you. Really, fk that orange idiot.

nhra gold

You make me want to never watch comedy central again

John Orosz

We are (and have been) the pawns in a game played by the super rich.

Doc Lewis

Just two years.

Jud Peters

Trevor you should do a story on the Coast Guard not getting paid as part of the shutdown and families going hungry and not able to pay bills

Chain S

Most Tyrants die In agony

Debbie Dewberry

Well the world always seen black riots tearing up buildings. Well be on the alert for a white riot burning down building for being angry. People we don't need to destroy our Country any further. President Trump has already done that for you.

R Hopzing

Christianity is training on how to be a narcissist. It does attract them anyway. Gaslighting, deflecting criticism, thinking your 100 present perfect.

chenran wen

Trump is never going to be a real problem. About 50% American people who voted and support him are the real problems. Basically, Trump is just trying to be an American.