The Daily Show: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Defeat, Netflix’s Price Surge & Trump’s Fast-Food Feast


British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan fails big in Parliament, Netflix raises its subscription price, and Donald Trump treats the Clemson Tigers to fast food.

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Netflix is increasing the subscription price because they bought a mediocre, overrated, highly-obnoxious television show that many people no longer give a shit about? That's amusing.

Jeff Jones

That's the food the team asked for idiots haha. Clemson's football team has said that multiple times.

Honest Opinion

Trump Shutdown: This is Republican American Slavery! – Slave: A person who works very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.
Evangelicals support Slavery!

Why worry about immigration when the traitors are already here as Republicans?

Super SmileyGamer

"If trump can eat fast food so can I MOM AND DAD"

Kirklan Yoshinaga

I'm not a champion sports player, but if I was invited to that "dinner" then I would've walked out immediately. I hate fast food. It must have been extremely insulting to be served that at the the White House. I can only imagine the reason they didn't walk out was to not insult the "hosts" and the presidency.

Steven Duece

Friends is not worth a two dollar increase. FF


You know the companies paid for this … They took it off their taxes … Trump should have had a caterer provide the food … If he is so rich he could have found the money under the couch seat cushions

Guy Withdacap

Cold McD burgers on a WH bunquet? What a discusting human beeing you elected into these historical halls! At least desinfect after you draged him out!

bm packer

Cold fast-food. Nice.


They spent 100 million dollars to buy FRIENDS wtf. I never liked that wack ass show

Linds Neal

Nothing to drink?

Cameron Kane

Missed joke opportunity:
Mary Poppins: A spoonful of sugar can help this defeat go down!

Daniel L

Bernie Sander 2020!

Justice Democrats 2020!

Progressive Democrats 2020!

Uninformed republican voters are so worry these immigrants will be using welfare BUT the same republican voters are totally fine with ExxonMobil, Carrier, Amazon, Foxconn, etc all these rich corporations with millions on profit getting subside with our tax money (corporate welfare).

Corporate-corrupt Nancy Pelosi implemented "Pay-go rule" to stop universal healthcare.

Liberty Tree

Trevor Noah-black racist.


Can you imagine how cold that food was by the time they ate it? Ugh. So gross. So Classless. So Trump.

Brandon and Charlene

Can't wait for all the Trump face cat "I can has cheeseberder" memes

laurent boulch

I put the captions on and when Noah said his password the captions just said speaking foreign language

Potato Crisp

Lets be real though. Thats probably a cooler memory in all honesty

Abhik Biswas

#Michele Obama for president 2k20 ! ! !