The Daily Show: This Is U.S.


The Daily Show revisits some notable local news stories, including a pet alligator in a nursing home and the lifting of a nunchucks ban.

About The Daily Show:
Trevor Noah and The World’s Fakest News Team tackle the biggest stories in news, politics and pop culture.

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ultra Magnus

Still waiting for " This is South Africa".


This gender reveal thing is a totally new phenomenon. When I was in my 20s and people I knew were having babies, there was no such thing as a gender reveal party. You either called everyone you knew before the baby shower or made a social media post, IE a bulletin post on Myspace.
And if some motherfucker tried to tell me now, a 33 year old lady, that I'm not allowed BY LAW to go trick or treating, they'd be a dead motherfucker and I'd be out there gettin this candy.


25 dollars? I know things are relative, and to a thirteen year old that might be a lot of money. But 'go trick or treating' definitley made it on my to-do list now, if I ever visit US. I want that fine!

Jennifer Noonan

Florida man lmao

Naþan Ø

Those Virginia laws are probably unconstitutional…

Jeanie Willard

Love this man! I always tell my single daughter that I am just watching someone that I hope will be my son n law.


That mother is wrong #1 for naming her daughter Abcde. And wrong #2 for acting surprised when people react to it. Come on, you know that ain't a normal name.


Hey Noah, welcome to the US. maybe you forgot to check, but reread the 13th amendment, in the national constitution, and get back to me on abolishing slavery. Maybe you misunderstand how law is applied. Law can only be applied through fear of, and actual execution, of slavery(jail) or death ( up to getting you in jail.) Without these, laws literally have no force and effect.

Precious Peace

Desi Lydic – goooorgeooous!!! =O)) and sooo funny

Emily Roberts

You know who's really at fault for that poor kid ending up with the name Abcde right? The nurse who gave the mom the baby's birth certificate to fill out before making sure she wasn't still high on birthing drugs.

Even Odds

I really enjoy these montage videos! Thank you Trevor Noah & The Daily Show!

surviving with saniya

I hate this

yesenia G.

They learned to drive a school bus lol cool


"There's a little Florida Man in all of us." ….Yeah and that's why America is sucking ass right now.

Shan Ice

I actually like Southwest


Sure, alligators can be emotional support animals… as long as the supported emotion is 'FUCK! There is an alligator here biting my arm off!!!'


Wait, crazy shit and it's not just Florida? The plague has spread…

Fernando Martinez

I hate these stupid videos “gender reveal videos “ ppl just thank God for your kid whatever it is boy ,girl no body cares about your videos.

jeffrey slater

Hey asshole go back to ur country ur not funny!!

Margarita M.

“A Florida man practices karate on swans”

Margarita M.

Christmas tree: [on a wrong letter]
OCD person: [screams uncontrollably for 12 hours]

Jessica DeNittis

I want Florida Man's Beavis and Butthead shirt.

Luc Bac

We are all Florida Man.