The Daily Show: Trump’s Leaked Private Schedule Causes a Stir


President Trump unveils a dubious defense of his plan to withdraw from Syria, and his leaked schedule suggests he spends most of his day doing nothing.

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Kitten Diotima

So, if football's soft, and Trump doesn't want Barron to play football coz he might get hurt, does that mean Trump's soft? He looks soft.


Trump's grandfather migrated to the US to dodge the German draft. His father never served. He dodged the draft. Neither of his adult sons enlisted. Oh, he's a tough guy who loves dangerous things but Trumps are never in there doing them. That's for other people.

Bucky Pinata

And, looks like working……point? Other than moot?

Muhudin Bashi

Like mom checking if her son doing drugs hhhhhhhh

Maria Martinez

Bitch nfl dont want players getting bring damaged later in life

Nuclear Rayne

please ball gag sara sanders!

Alexander Desert Eagle

Nothing new.

Anthony Rogers

Yeah I don't want him working often either. He might do something. (Kids in cages) (absurd wall) let him just play golf

Tito Tim's Videos

So, now he says we have planes. Fast planes. Big planes. We can get places. They why don't you send some help to Puerto Rico you useless sack of shit?

Hadalsame TV

Wt more could Trump offer?

Layola Mehlomakulu

Ever notice how Trevor's eyes are almost always red

Michael Name

Down the LateNight clips YouTube hole. Or as i like to call it, executive time.


I'm not sure if I like his American impersonation. He's pretty much trolling us as the rest of the world does but actually gets away with it

Generic Youtuber

Stop knocking on trump when he says or does something reasonable. You're not giving him any incentive to do something good. like 90% of the time, its fair game, but when he actually does something good, stop sending out the personal attacks for a minute jesus. When you do that, you're just another part of the problem, instead of taking the opportunity to be part of the solution.

Charles Coley

The trumps can't spare any brain cells, so they need to stay away from any contact sport!!!

Invader Mark

I voted for Donald Trump! I am proud to say I am making America great again!

Faisal Sabir

Another super show Trevor


"My son play football? no way there are black people there…i mean it is dangerous" WTF was that even a question worth my time to listen to? He must have asked for "easy" questions AGAIN. If he can do this much damage to our great nation working 40% of the time imagine what he could ruin if he worked more! OMG Trevor is on the money, do NOT ask "Tiny T" to work harder.

Luci Fer

Why would you even want Trump to work harder at fucking up? Let the guy goof off all day it just means the less damage the fuck can do. Wake him up give him the briefing and then drug his latte so he can sleep all day. And just get a body double to do all the public speaking how hard could it be?

eTheReal Deal

Trump is the best. All y’all know you’re off food stamps and finally got a job. Appreciate


That nasal voice…jarring to the ears. Ugh!


I am not used to Trump making sense about anything. And it's about football of all things.

Andrés Paz

Could you believe the report about Dump health? An obese person who doesn't do any exercise, who spend his "working" hours watching Tv, who eats only junk food is healthy as hell? I wonder how much money this doctor receive for his "professional" diagnostic. Another spur bone Dr.

Nigel Phillip

Isis goes boom….lol

Sanctum Sanctorum

It’s as though trump built a time
machine somehow & the first
thing that he decided that he was going to do was go back
in time & become…

His own father!!!

Which he did after getting such advice often from everyone he has ever spoken to or dealt with!

Martha Anderson

i can honestly say that interview answer is the first time I have heard Mr Trump speak as a normal , thinking compassionate human

Casey Ray Harris

Congratulations Trevor, I officially acknowledge that you have owned the daily show. That you not only run the show but you run that sh!+

Outraged Intellectual