The Daily Show: Trump’s New Chief of Staff & Stephen Miller’s New Hairline


Tonight at 11/10c!

Mick Mulvaney becomes Trump’s acting chief of staff despite calling the president a “terrible human being,” Ryan Zinke is pushed out of his Secretary of the Interior post, and Stephen Miller debuts a new sprayed-on hairstyle while discussing the potential government shutdown on “Face the Nation.”

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Nakia Deon

So we just gon focus on hair and not 2…count em…2!!! Executive orders in the past week that benefits African American communities.

Prison Reform and Urban Revitalization.

Both of which had to be signed in by his pen because democrats were to busy MAKING AMERICA MEXICO AGAIN.

But why would you care about what benefits African American communities anyway?

Carry on…


Melanin and Kisses

Do I want Trump out of the white house? Yes. Do I want him to get impeached with THIS lineup? Hell no. I'd rather have an idiot with bad ideas than a capable person with bad ideas.

Larry Shackle

Q: What do Donald Trump and Roomba have in common? A: They both suck at their jobs. I


Stephen Miller now like the Iphones: He got a notch on his head. and just like the iphones, people now hate him more

Sam Toshner

The definition of irony would be Trump firing Miller for having bad/fake hair

Howard Kerr

Miller wants Chump to like him so much that he is even starting to add fake hair to his balding head….just like (tiny) Dong Chump. Can we expect to see that stupid fake fur dyed some color that can only be found at auto body shops? Maybe teased to ridiculous lengths to make it easier to wrap around his head so it appears fuller?

Josh Wilson

Ever wonder why Trump, who is a SECOND-GENERATION IMMIGRANT, whose FIRST and THIRD WIVES are IMMIGRANTS, who has FOUR SECOND-GENERATION IMMIGRANTchildren never talks about himself and his family when talking about immigration? Seem strange to anyone else? Maybe a bit hypocritical?

Shannon Howard

Those hair jokes killed me. R.I.P. Self lol


Steven Miller's hair looks like Donnie rewarded him, by pasting Malaria's pussy hairs to his head!!! Yikes

Javier Harth

Oh boy, another one. Stinky Zenke. Can't make this stuff up!


Give more attention to stephen than the other guy and the little Nazi weasel could be out.


Who put the pasty on his head

Wraith Black

Miller is like a sniveling rat

Christian Santos

I think chicken nuggets are great

Fat T

"pee wee herman ,paging mr pee wee herman"

Maija Whelan

Isn't it worse that people understand trump is bad and don't care?


Stephen Miller is the most racist person in America. That's why he works for Trump.


I know some serious shit is happening but the hair is really throwing me off.

What a brilliant plan to keep us distracted…

geno mccgeno

Stephen Miller was going bald in 10th grade. Nice paint job, Steve.

Tammy Hibner

I'm thinking Miller's going to tRump's hair guy.

Daniel Knapp

Yesterday when i was getting on the buss i saw someon who kinda looked like Mike Pence. And i feelt bad for him. I thought: "what did you do in your past life to deserve that look?"


His toupee looks like a 7 iron divot in late fall