The Daily Show: Worst Scandals in Presidential History: Obama’s Latte Salute


In 2014, Fox News, among others, covered a shocking calamity: President Barack Obama saluted two marines while carrying a latte in his raised hand.

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Yet here we are with a bloated, lying, cheating criminal and the rightwing nuts love him for it…


This just may be worse than Obama's tan suit…. reeeeee


If anyone has seen Gi Joes ….. Zartan is the fake president that puts his legs on the desk and whistles once he has pulled everything off….. I imagine Trump to be like that too

Jared Budler

This is Obama's Russian collusion

Zikry Shaharudin

My god get over it!

Redcorvet Bule

I don't know maybe Kelly black face was worse? Oh shit, she's off the air

Tyzen ray

Man hypocracy at its best

Ravi Prabhakar

The last spokesperson iconised Trump


Remember the days when this was the worst a president had ever done?


Ive take a latte salute any day than the orange monster in the office rn lmao


Obama and his administration was by no means free from scandal and/or controversy. But unlike Trump and his administration there wasn't a new one every week or so.


Fox news can turn the most trivial matter to a scale where the world is ending.
But turns a blind eye when trump does worst sh!t

Christopher Tan Tsjun Moon

All thoes who found a problem with Obama's salute need to find something constructive to do cause like ya'll got too much time on your hands when American got real problems

Kamakama Kameleon

But Obama's hot though

Ibrahim Ali

I am not from your shit hole country but I can clearly say, you were better off at the time of Obama than this childish-president

raul ruiz

Loooove this new section


Chai swillin’? The nerve…