The Daily Show: You’re Fired: In Memoriam Vol. 2


The Daily Show tips its hat to another round of Trump appointees who either resigned or were fired, including Omarosa Manigault, Rex Tillerson and Jeff Sessions.

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Daniel Ruiz

Love your show dude, keep up

Mondo Shredder

Melania, would you please do the nation, and the world, a great favor, and file for divorce? Have a restraining order placed on your so-called husband, forcing him to return to one of his towers. He may still continue to pretend running the country from there, but at least those ominous buttons would be out of reach.

Big Hass

Season finale – volume 3
* Spoiler Alert *


Colleen Kelly

Brilliant work Trevor.

Mate Jebach

Reality Show continues. While Saud's, Kosh's and company rule the country.

The SPIRITLIGHT Surround yourself with

GOD he is so ding dang Funny:)_ ;() #1TNFAN


Robin Roberts, making my hometown proud with that shade!

Saleh Haider

where are the tapes she claimed to have

Cosmic Dark Matter

Omarosa had this "repeatedly getting fired" occurrences coming, ever since she was rude acting toward Latoya Jackson on Latoya's reality show. I never got a chance to hear Latoya tell her to "Beat It"…lol

Paul Thompson

She sold that story

Valva Cortez

Amercan policical system is so f****up!President could fire anyone even the attorney general!

panda berries

This piece could have been longer…

Lazy Perfectionist

Is it possible for Trump to just refer to the newspaper as The New York Times? Is it within his capacity to call them by their name without insisting that they are failing?

Steven Allahson


Lazy Perfectionist

"His aide was fired for explaining how Tillerson was fired and Trump's personal assistant was fired for possible financial crimes."
The Trump Administration fired someone else for possible financial crimes? Does anyone else find that a little rich? I mean my god. The irony flowing out of this administration is like syrup at this point.

Lazy Perfectionist

"Major news from the White House. Someone just got fired, but not the person you were hoping for."
Let's not speak in the singular, Trevor.

Bb Broadus

Where is she?

Ham Nukuto

I thought you were the great supporter of drumpf oma.