The Drug Bore


I was appalled by the negligence of the two American presidential candidates and the moderator in the recent debate. Whilst interested in hearing what they agreed upon, I was disgusted at their total disinterest in what is happening south of Texas, in the “War on Drugs”, in my new home country of Mexico. Like the religious ignoring science, they instead all chatted about far away countries like Mali & Syria, where drone planes could carpet bomb weddings and children.

It says a lot for the most influential country in the world that this topic was chosen to be ignored. My thinking goes that if this problem was to be taken seriously, it would mean humans would have to admit to the most obvious of facts; people like drugs. Countries dependently look to daddy Yankee for guidance in these matters, however, and so we go along, like puppies after the big dog, pretending his hole doesn’t stink. For those living in Mexico, and further south, and in many other places, we have to watch as this unending illegalisation and subsequent “war” destroys whole stadiums worth of people.

How cartels communicate

Years ago, when the Mexican president Felipe Calderon declared war on a substance, the plot was lost. I recall reading about this and being reminded of Dumb Bush’s calls to arms against people living in deserts. For some reason the foolish generally make it to power, and make ridiculous calls in the name of peace, or God, or Allah forbid, both of them. We are left to pick through the rubbish, trying to make some sense of it all.

It seems to me that whenever the US is faced with a problem the government can’t wait to try out some new weapons on it. So it has gone recently with the two tragedies in Iraq & Afghanistan. In Mexico, the cartels simply import guns, American guns, and mow each other down in turf battles; the innocents too. I see new posters each day for children missing in the metro notice boards. I read of mutilated corpses and chopped up people every day there. It sucks.

Bush & Calderon:

Mexico is a great place to live in or visit. For college kids and vacationers it has Acapulco & Cancun & Los Cabos to party in and buy cheap crap. We “extranjeros” are treated with awe and fascination and contempt and interest and respect. In return we introduce new ways to an old country, enriching and teaching, whilst falling in love or earning good money to spend on local goods. It is much like other countries in the region, full of good people and warmth, silently lacking in many modern and so called more advanced countries around the world.

The problem is we are not free, we are crumbling under this war mechanism, and no one seems to care. There is a refusal at some level to accept our desire for alternate realities, expansion and consciousness. Our human need to grow and develop is being hindered by draconian and outdated laws. We could come together but the music isn’t quite right, and the drugs we have access to are dampening the mood for worldwide jiggy-jiggy.

We have wasted so much time and money, and way too many lives on this. There seems to have been too few discussions at government level about the idea of legalisation, certainly in public. The drug is demonised, as if we are all not having a cigarette with our beer, as if it’s the plants fault we desire to fill some holes in our lives. I have been reading these stories and hearing and thinking these ideas so long I often forget these drugs I use or have used are illegal.

Human hypocrisy

I guess it’s all about money; most things are. I just get sad, thinking of all the Mexican families around me suffering. Maybe you know it or not, but in Mexico, family is very important. As an in-law in a Mexican family, sometimes it is too much. I still appreciate the love however. So when another kid goes and gets involved in dealing drugs and ends up in a plastic bag I sense the sorrow, and get angry. This tends to happen daily, so I’d like a change.

Who knows why they won’t legalise all of it and make some money out of it. Perhaps they have detailed studies showing the weapons industry has far greater growth potential in the next financial century. Perhaps they realise that a stoned world won’t have any desire to fight, or that a MDMA multitude would rather hug and connect than argue and kill. Perhaps a better world imagined by trippers worldwide doesn’t have golf in it.

For whatever reason, we won’t treat the root cause. We criminalise normal people, we jail addicts; we stay in the dark. I smoke on my couch and dream of government spending on treatment and education. I lean back, and close my eyes, and behind my eyelids I see a thousand blood stained bodies, sliced and diced like meat in a can of dog food, their screams forever silenced by money mad heavies. We exist and suffer in a world gasping for air, unable to breathe for currency, our minds shaped subconsciously by the unremitting propaganda and advertisements.

Every day in Mexico

There are many problems in the world, but I think this particular collective denial of our human nature means we will forever stay stuck, unhinged, and fiendish on a leash, as we pant and groan to the claps of the master. When we snap out of it, and take another step, perhaps we will have time to save ourselves. Perhaps when we all take a deep breath and engage with each other, we will reach for the next rung and enter a new age of human development.

How it has worked out so far…

Perhaps one day the US president will say sorry to the Mexican people. Or discuss at a summit of the Americas the issue of drugs. The world of brown will rejoice and say viva everything and together we will embark on a new cosmic adventure of creativity, just like I dreamed of on that multicoloured sofa. Perhaps one day this type of article will be obsolete, and we will have moved on to more interesting topics.

Until then, we are blocked.



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