Michael Sherlock: The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought – according to Sherlock


The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought – According to Sherlock turns blasphemy into an art form. None of the major religions are safe from Sherlock’s unrelenting and antagonistic wit. In this three-part parody-titled atheist gospel, Sherlock shows that the legendary “prophet” of the Islamic faith was a paedophile, that Christianity was built on a textbook scam, that Jesus is not the reason for the season and that there is no reason for Jesus at all. If this book doesn’t result in a fatwa or Pat Robertson dropping dead from a massive coronary episode, it will at least provide the atheist reader with food for both thought and laughter.



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Acharya S aka D.M. Murdock

A skeptical life raft in a sea of supernaturalism If there’s one thing we can say about Michael Sherlock, it’s that he is quotable–and he loves to make “meme” images with his quotes, which others enjoy sharing. This book, “The Gospel of Atheism and Free Thought According to Sherlock,” is no less quotable. When I first heard the title, I thought, “Great minds think alike,” because I composed a book called about 20 years ago. In the same…


Five Stars


Great book. Well written

Oh great. Now we have the bible of atheism just like all the nut cases were talking about >.< #jk

I’m an atheist due in no small part to not wanting anything to do with any gospel ever. I have no time for assholes who want to create one for me.

You think he wrote this book for “YOU”? 🙂