The head of the Global Child Rape Network postures and grandstands some more…


Pope Francis discusses the clerical abuse crisis with leaders of the Roman Curia.



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Then he needs to turn himself in for covering up abuse of minors. Release the dossier files on Viganò! Gaslighting at its finest.

Jong Ricafort

This is Wisdom written on scriptures.
There's a time for silence and there's a time to speak.
Pope Francis allows all the church critics and enemies to criticize and make their own judgement first knowing that in God's Time the Wisdom of the Mother Church will reign supreme to end the Church Crisis.
Thank you Pope Francis for teaching us Silence.
Silence is the weapon to defeat the works of satan.CCC2717

pat d

Unfortunately, it appears francis himself was part of coverups..why doesn't he order all "secret" files open to civil investigation and prohibit dioceses from hiding funds entitled to clerical sexual abuse victims?
Words are cheap…


nothing of the pederasty?

Ryan Rodrigues

I am happy and proud of our Pope.