“The Legitimacy of Secularism” by Imam Zaid Shakir


877-Why-Islam presents a talk by Imam Zaid Shakir – An analysis of the views of secularism and faith-based govermental systems in the modern world. For more …



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Asif Sheikh

Fuck ukecko72. He’s not talking about the constitution. He’s talking about
inequality that even the most extreme positions within the political
spectrum agree on. From the Tea Party to the Occupy Movement, everybody’s
talking about inequality in the economic sense. He’s talking about the
secular argument against traditional societies which attacks their unequal
treatment of individuals, yet secularism has created an unequal society in
this country.


Secularism is kufr, how can be legitimate ?!?! The secularist is a heretic
that recognizes the sovereignty of men over god, and is kufr


The title is a question


If they just would make clear what they mean exactly. And state the
arguments of others and explain and refute sincerely why they are of that
opinion with Allah swt in mind. Of course, after all, isn’t it something
muslims have to strive for? I thought the references where clear. To talk
it down like he did is painful. I think the muslim village project is a
very good step.


Assalamu alaikum Listened to what Hamza Yusuf said. For me it seems that he
is forgetting about many aspects of Muslim leadership like opening the
country for all the Muslims, position to free muslims in other countries,
many things. It frustrates me that he never explains well. But i think he
said that to calm people down who want to make that state forcefully He
also said the majority of muslim rules were secular, if that’s true, by how
far? They were still muslims, weren’t they? Frustrating


actually Hamza Yusuf and the scholars associated with them say secularism
is legitimate, Khalid Blakenship a historian close to them also says muslim
history and islam itself propagate secular society, what they mean by that
I have no idea


GARBAGE… Fuck this dude. If he doesn’t like the constitution, GO LIVE IN